Dentist in Turkey Reviews

Dentist in Turkey Reviews

Dentist in Turkey Reviews is an article that aims to give you all the information you do not know about Dentist in Turkey Reviews. We kindly shared the reviews of our patients about our dentists;

I wholeheartedly recommend Medical Center Turkey’s dentists with their smiling faces and fast and precise work. After the operation, I went on with my life very comfortably. Thanks to Medical Center Turkey’s dentists for solving my teeth problem so easily.

Olivia W.
20 years old

First of all, I would like to thank Medical Center Turkey’s dentists; All the teeth they pulled, the fillings they made, the porcelain tooth treatment and made you feel no pain. I saw that he is a competent dentist with their friendliness and the perfection of their extensive work experience, and I was very happy with the information I received. I recommend Medical Center Turkey’s dentists to everyone with honour and pride without hesitation.

Natalia J.
44 years old

Dentist in Turkey Reviews

I am very pleased with the Medical Center Turkey’s dentists, I finished my dental fillings and tooth extractions painlessly in a few sessions and we moved on to the prosthetic treatment phase. Thanks a lot again.

Isaac P.
24 years old

First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude for your thoughtfulness and consideration. The anterior tooth filling and teeth whitening treatments were both quite successful for me. I continue my treatment on teeth and jaw clenching. It is a sacred profession and not everyone does it the same, perfect way. I found dentists like Medical Center Turkey’s dentists, and I won’t quit. Thanks again, Medical Center Turkey’s dentists.

Wesley K.
52 years old

I am satisfied with Medical Center Turkey’s dentist. He did my 2 implant treatments, tooth extraction and front tooth treatments. The doctor gave information before and after the treatment. My wife also had her dental treatments done. We are very satisfied with our treatments.

Jeremiah S.
36 years old

We went to Turkey for my sister’s prosthetic surgery. The institution and the dentist were great. She is a very caring and sympathetic doctor, and her team is also very good. In a short time, my sister did not have any teeth for the upper and lower teeth. She did a great job and made an excellent prosthetic. Thank you very much.

Savannah and Valentina W.
25 and 19 years old

Dentist in Turkey Reviews

I visited Medical Center Turkey for dental treatment in December last year. I had a 6-month treatment period. All my teeth were extracted and my prosthetic teeth were made. I was very satisfied with the interest and success of Medical Center Turkey’s dentist in my treatment process. I wish success to them and their colleagues and thank you very much.

Leonardo B.
33 years old

I am very satisfied with her services, she is extremely explanatory. The treatment planning is very practical, and her hands are very light in practice. She does not tire her patients at all. In general, I was satisfied. I had implants and she made the prosthesis on it. We planned the colour and texture together. It helped a lot, my treatment was in a much shorter time than I expected.

Caroline M.
24 years old

He is an excellent doctor, I was very satisfied. Thanks to him, he was very interested, I would recommend Medical Center Turkey’s dentists to everyone. I had bridge and root canal treatment done. Once I had a zirconium crown, my teeth were fine. Plastic was used instead, and I can easily use my teeth, better than before.

Silas B.
25 years old

Dentist in Turkey Reviews

I went to Medical Center Turkey because of an aesthetic problem in my front tooth. My tooth had changed colour. Pink aesthetic, whitening and bonding (composite laminate) were applied to my tooth. Thank you very much Medical Center Turkey. I recommend it to everyone. You can go in peace.

Nevaeh D.
30 years old

As I am a meticulous person, I went to him after long-term research and on the recommendation of my friends. Everyone has a dentist they trust, but when it comes to gingival restoration, smile design and aesthetic concerns, my only choice is the dentist in Turkey. All you have to do is sit back and watch him do his job and enjoy what he does. Undoubtedly, there won’t be those who make better offers for you at more affordable prices. I would like to thank Medical Center Turkey for their smiling face, and understanding. Hopefully, we will disturb them as a family.

Hunter A.
47 years old

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Here are some other Dentist in Turkey Reviews;

A doctor you can safely take your children to. When my daughter was about 6 years old, the filling was done without using any needles or sprays. My daughter will turn 14 now and her filling is still like the first day. By the way, my daughter was not afraid at all. She didn’t even make a sound, my husband and I was very surprised. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you Medical Center Turkey.

Lydia M.
37 years old

Like many people, I had fears about dental operations. But thanks to Medical Center Turkey and our doctor, I both overcame my fears and got a healthy and beautiful smile. It’s clinically terrific, and the staff is just as caring. Thanks for everything Medical Center Turkey.

Nicholas R.
27 years old

The day I met my dentist in Turkey, I realized that all my fears were unnecessary. After 3 months of tooth extraction and healing, I am enjoying my prosthetic teeth. A doctor can only do his job so perfectly with his experience and talent. I would like to thank him and Medical Center Turkey for their interest and meticulous work.

Connor W.
24 years old

My dentist undertook my implant treatment. He was meticulous, sensitive and empathetic throughout the treatment. I think he is a talented and good surgeon. Thank you Medical Center Turkey.

Sarah Jade S.
26 years old

Here are some other Dentist in Turkey Reviews;

I went to the dentist in Turkey for toothache. The doctor I went to before said it wasn’t even a bruise. I wanted to go to a different doctor because I couldn’t trust it. X-ray was taken. My dentist said that the bruise has progressed too far. I had root canal treatment, veneer and filling. I have a needle phobia, normally, I’m a fainting person. She approached very sensitively. A doctor who does not frighten the patient, on the contrary, comforts him. My treatment process went smoothly. In any case, I was also able to reach her by phone. An excellent dentist. I refer everyone around me to her.

Weston L.
34 years old

I had fillings, tooth extraction and tooth cleaning. I have been very pleased with every transaction I have had. He does not allow his patient to experience any fear or anxiety. You sit comfortably in that chair. Most importantly, it gives detailed information about the transaction. So, there is no question mark in your mind as to what he is doing right now. The environment is very clean and hygienic. In general, he is a successful doctor I am very satisfied with both his treatment and his approach.

Dominic T.
29 years old

I went on a recommendation for calculus cleaning and gum aesthetics. I went worried, but I was very satisfied with the result. Medical Center Turkey’s dentist is a very caring doctor. She shares detailed information about the treatment process with the patient. She is a caring dentist who puts her patient at ease. I can easily reach her in case of any problem.

Emery T.
18 years old

Dentist in Turkey Reviews

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I had surgical wisdom teeth extractions, tooth filling, root canal treatment and bridge procedures. Currently, my prosthetic treatment continues. In general, my treatment process went smoothly. I did not experience any problems or stress. Turkish dentists are top-notch doctors. Her approach and interest in the patient are very good. She always gives detailed information about the treatment. I can provide transportation to her when I need it. A competent doctor who reassures the patient.

Liliana M.
26 years old

I had a problem with my existing root canal-treated tooth. A doctor I went to before said that the tooth had to be extracted. I reached out to dentists in Turkey on my friend’s recommendation. They did their best to save my tooth. They renewed my root canal treatment. I’ve been using it for about a year without any problems. I go to Medical Center Turkey’s Dentists for periodic routine examinations. They are friendly and caring doctors. He approaches the patient with ethical values. The dentist in Turkey is a successful dentist who gives detailed information on what to do.

Jaxson P.
43 years old


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