How Much Does an All On Four Dental Implant Cost

How Much Does an All On Four Dental Implant Cost

How Much Does an All On Four Dental Implant Cost is an article that aims to give you all the information you do not know about all on four dental implant and its cost. We kindly shared the main headings with you;

What is a dental implant?

Medical devices that are surgically placed into the jaw are called dental implants. They are used to restore physical appearance or a patient’s ability to chew. In addition, they aim to provide support for artificial teeth like crowns, bridges, or dentures. Tooth loss can be due to an injury or a disease that can lead to rapid bone loss, defective speech, or difficulty in chewing. Thus, dental implants are used to replace the lost tooth in order to avoid these complications.

How many teeth can be replaced with dental implants?

With traditional dental implants, one implant can be placed at each end of the gap. However, if a patient has lost all of their teeth throughout an arch, an all on four implant can be done. With all on four dental implants, four to eight dental implants can be done at a time.

What is an all on four dental implant?

In all on four dental implant technique, just four implants are used to replace the upper or lower set of teeth. In comparison to traditional ways of attaching dentures, such as simple natural suction or denture adhesives, the all on four dental implant system uses a mix of various dental techniques and technology to create a strong and reliable connection for the replacement teeth. In order to provide a firm and stable foundation to hold the set of replacement teeth in place with all on four, a group of fixed dental implants that are inserted into the patient’s jaw are used. Due to this, all on four are frequently described as ‘implant supported dentures’, despite the fact that this is a general phrase that also applies to other types of dental implants.

What is the difference between all on four dental implants and traditional implants?

Here are some differences between all on four dental implants and traditional dental implants:

  • Just four implants are used to restore your teeth in all on four dental implants. In contrast, traditional dental implants require between four to eight individual implants to achieve the same results as all on four dental implants.
  • Usually, an all on four dental implants are much more affordable than traditional dental implants. This reasonable price is due to the fact that standard dental implants may require multiple separate implants to reconstruct the mouth, which will increase the expense.
  • The jawbone should be very strong in order to support several traditional dental implants in contrast to all on four dental implants.

Who can perform an all on four dental implant?

An all on four treatment can be done by two types of dentists; a surgically trained dentist or a surgeon that is trained in cosmetic dentistry. Generally, a surgically trained dentist will perform the surgery better in placing the implant. In contrast, the cosmetically trained dentist will aesthetically do a better job.

Who needs an all on four dental implant?

Patients who have lost all or most of their teeth can be a candidate for an all on four treatment. Of course, first, a dental examination is needed in order to determine the need for all on four implants. X-rays of the jaw bones and the remaining teeth are done during the evaluation. Other than that, the patient’s dental and medical history is also essential. With the x-rays, dentists can see if there are any health issues that may intervene with the healing process and if the jaw bone is dense enough to support the implants. After all these evaluations and examinations, the doctor will decide whether the patient needs or does not need an all on four dental implant. 

Who can not be a candidate for all on four dental implants?

Patients with bad oral health or bad healing qualities can not be a candidate for all on four treatment. These can include diabetes, high blood pressure, and autoimmune disorder patients. In addition, if a patient does not have dense enough jaw bone or gum tissue, the treatment may not be a good option. Having missing teeth for a long period of time may lead to a loss in bone density. Lastly, suppose a patient is missing only a few teeth. In that case, traditional implants are a better option than all on four implants. Please keep reading to learn how much an all on four dental implant costs.

What are the advantages of all on four dental implants?

  • All on four dental implants can be advantageous because they provide fully functioning teeth in a very short time compared to traditional dental implants.
  • The patient’s chewing ability, teeth stability, and oral comfort are improved drastically.
  • Overall, eating habits will be improved, and the patient will enjoy eating again.
  • Patients will get a long-lasting smile because the implant-supported retained bridge is non-removable, which will create a permanent set of teeth.
  • New teeth will function like a normal real teeth again. Patients will be more comfortable and confident during eating, smiling, and communicating.
  • All on four dental implants can be easily brushed and flossed.

Why are dental implants considered revolutionary?

Dental implants are considered revolutionary because:

  • The jawbone diminishes over time due to inactivity through bone degeneration. Going through a dental implant treatment prevents jawbone inactivity and increases overall bone health.
  • Tooth loss can be solved permanently. The implant will not fall or slip off.
  • The appearance of the implant is just like real teeth.
  • Most of the time, dental implants will not cause any allergies.
  • With proper oral care, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Does all on four dental implant treatment hurt?

The treatment is done under anesthetic, so it should not hurt. However, some soreness can be felt after the procedure due to the anesthetic. For soreness, the dentist can prescribe some pain medication.

When can a patient return to work?

A patient can return to work after five to seven days, but proper rest is required to do so. However, chewing and speaking again may take a longer time. Thus, it may take a longer time than five to seven days for the patient to be comfortable with socializing with others.

How long does the all on four dental implant procedure take?

First, an examination is done by the dentist. After the treatment is planned, according to the initial consultation, a bone graft may be needed. A bone grafting procedure is necessary if the jaw bone is not strong enough. If a bone graft is done, it can take three to six months for the bone graft to heal.

When the jawbone is strong enough, all on four dental implants can be installed. Placement of all on four dental implants takes a few hours minimum and a day maximum, depending on the patient’s needs.

Stage Duration
Consultation 1-2 weeks
Dental implant placement 1-2 hours
Healing period 3-6 months
Attachment of replacement teeth 1-2 hours

How is the recovery process happen?

Right after the surgery, a gauze will be put into the patient’s mouth to stop bleeding. The gauze will be removed after a while to see if the bleeding has stopped. If the bleeding continues, the patient will be sent home and instructed to change the gauze every 30 minutes.

An ice pack can be used to decrease the swelling in the implant area. The patient should put a towel or a napkin between the cheek and the ice pack in order to prevent irritation.

Soft foods such as smoothies and juices should be consumed for a while to ensure that all four dental implants are secured. Hard and chewy foods should be avoided.

The implants should be brushed with a soft toothbrush to avoid any harm to the dental implants. Also, the patient should make regular dentist visits for a proper recovery.

Lastly, the doctor may forbid the patient to exercise, lift heavy things or bend which can put pressure on the implants.

How does an all on four dental implant procedure happen?

There are two phases of all on four dental implant procedure. The first phase of the treatment is the surgery placement phase. Dental implants are installed into the jaw with surgery. A channel in the jawbone is drilled first, which will be filled with bone graft material. Then, the four dental implants will be tapped into their places, and they will be further capped with a temporary cap.

The second phase is the denture attachment phase which happens after the healing process. The temporary caps will be replaced with permanent ones. Then, a new abutment is attached to each dental implant, and a new set of customized teeth will be fitted to the abutments and held in place by the implants.

How much does an all on four dental implant cost?

All on four dental implant treatment prices will change from hospital to hospital, city to city, and dentist to dentist. However, the average price is between 10,000 € and 44,000 € in the United States.

In contrast, all on four dental implant treatment costs about 2500 € in Turkey. These implants are made from acrylic melded with titanium, zirconium, or porcelain. Do not let this affordable price fool you. You can be sure that you will be happy with the results thanks to well-educated Turkish dentists. You can also get to experience Turkish culture, food, and the people’s hospitality. there is a lot to see in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. You can visit a variety of restaurants, local shops, museums, and monuments to experience rich Turkish history.

In addition, Turkey is a safe country. You should not worry about your safety during your trip. Also, it is easy to reach somewhere due to convenient transportation, which includes taxis, ferries in cities with sea, bus, metro, and tramway. They work until late at night and are easy to use.

Suppose you are considering coming to Turkey for your treatment. In that case, you can use our consultation service to get more detailed information. Also, below, you can find the cost calculator to calculate your treatment price. For more information about dental work in Turkey, please click here.


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