Ear Correction Cost in Turkey

Ear Correction Surgery Cost in Turkey

Ear Correction Surgery Cost in Turkey is an article that aims to give you all the information you do not know about Ear Correction Surgery Cost in Turkey and its process. We kindly shared the main headings with you;

  • What is the Normal Ear Structure?
  • Causes Of Prominent Ear
  • What Problems Does Prominent Ear Cause?
  • What Problems Does Prominent Ear Cause?
  • When Should Prominent Ear Surgery Be Performed?
  • What are the duties of parents?
  • Can prominent ear surgery be performed in adults?
  • Prominent Ear Surgery
  • Prominent Ear Surgery Recovery Time
  • Is There a Risk of Prominent Ear Surgery?
  • Prominent Ear Augmentation in Children
  • Ear Correction Surgery Cost in Turkey

The most common deformity within the ear is named ” prominent ear” among the people. Due to the weakness of the ear cartilages, the ear folds are not formed sufficiently, and the condition where the auricle is curved more forward and to the side than normal is called ” prominent ear”. The main reason is that the ears are too far from the posterior ear bone at an angle. This is usually a familial deformity. In this case, which is one amongst the largest complexes of the many people today, especially school-age children, differs from culture to culture. Although the prominent ear may be a mockery in western societies, it’s accepted as an indication of cuteness, and beauty, especially in young girls, in Japan, as an example, and it’s not considered a shame, but on the contrary, it’s accepted as a reason for preference. Prominent ear surgery is an aesthetic surgery that’s also in high demand by men.The explanation for this is often that while women can easily hide their ears with their hair, men cannot hide it due to their short hair. In such cases, it’s possible to make a brand new auricle by removing cartilage from other parts of the body with a series of operations. These are the cases where the form of the auricle is different from the conventional, which may be corrected by surgery. additionally, a brand new ear is made up of the patient’s own rib cartilage for those that don’t have a congenital ear or who lost their ear after an accident.We offer advanced expertise, tailored treatment plans, and compassionate care, every step of the way. Choose us, and choose a future where health isn’t just a destination, but a vibrant, empowered journey you take with trusted companions by your side.

What is the Normal Ear Structure?
The auricle, which grows rapidly from birth, reaches 70-90% adult size in the first year and completes its development at about 10 years of age. The auricle consists of the “auricular cartilage” with various folds on it and the skin covering this cartilage. There is no cartilage in the earlobe at the lower end of the auricle, this part consists of skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue. The task of the auricle is to gather the sound waves within the environment and direct them to the external organ canal.
In adult sizes, the normal auricle is 5.5-6.5 cm in length and 3.5-4 cm in width. When viewed from the side, the upper end of the auricle is turned backwards at an angle of 15-30 degrees with respect to the lower end, while there is an angulation of 20-25 degrees between the auricle and the skull bones when viewed from above. As a result of this angulation, a distance of 10-12 mm in the upper part of the ear, 16-18 mm in the middle part and 20-22 mm in the lower part is formed between the outer fold of the auricle called the helix and the region called the mastoid behind the ear. These anatomical dimensions are especially helpful for patients with deformities in both ears to perform the surgery in a way that provides a natural appearance.

Causes Of Prominent Ear
Prominent eardrum, which could be a completely congenital problem, occurs thanks to genetic factors. For this reason, the probability of this problem is extremely high in people that have prominent ear problems in their family, especially in their parents. the issues that are passed on in families and cause prominent ear are as follows:

  • Too wide angle between the posterior ear bone and also the auricle
  • Having a loose structure of ear cartilage
  • The absence of folds within the upper a part of the ear and therefore the flat structure of the auricle as if it were ironed
    Although the link between the looseness of the ear muscles and therefore the estrogen hormone levels within the blood has been investigated in recent years, no definite and concrete evidence has been reached yet.

What Problems Does Prominent Ear Cause?
Prominent ears, which cause psychological problems in many individuals, especially in school-age children, irrespective of gender, aren’t welcome in western society, and other people with this problem tend to hide up by using various accessories or growing their hair. Obsessions up to a fancy degree will be seen in those who are disturbed by their prominent ears. the issues caused by prominent earphones also differ regionally. within the region culture, in some societies, prominent ears will be perceived as a cute appearance, especially in women, but it are often a situation that’s not strange. However, especially in western societies, where our country may be included, those who have had this problem since childhood are ridiculed by their environment, and as a results of this example, people may experience lack of self-confidence, depression and low self-esteem problems. For this reason, prominent ear problem should be corrected with an aesthetic operation as early as possible so as to not cause such social and psychological problems in people.

Ear Correction Cost in Turkey

When Should Prominent Ear Surgery Be Performed?
Prominent ear is the biggest nightmare of school-age children, boys or girls. Because they become a laughing stock for their friends at school, and this seriously affects their school success and social relations. They have problems adjusting to school. It may even cause serious psychological problems that are sometimes irreversible in the future. The best treatment is the continuous application of an elastic bandage to the ears for a few months 2-3 weeks after birth, but under the supervision of a doctor, in babies with prominent ears detected by their families. The result is usually successful and there is no need for further surgery. In children who missed this opportunity, the best treatment time is surgical correction before they start primary school, that is, at the age of 6 years. Because when they start school, they will be treated without being mocked and psychologically unaware of the event. Since the ears complete their development at the age of 4-5, there is no harm in having surgery at the age of 6 years. Depending on personal circumstances and the family’s preference, surgery can also be performed in later years, but pre-school surgery should be preferred as it eliminates the possibility of the child being mocked by his friends because of his ears. It can be done at any age from the age of 5.

What are the duties of parents?
When you detect this condition in your children, it is of great benefit to see a doctor. If your child is at school age, you should investigate whether this situation affects your child because sometimes children do not express this and can cause them to get depressed by throwing their troubles in them. If your child is complaining about this situation, you should take him seriously and try to help him. You may encounter serious problems in the future. However, if children do not complain about their ears and do not want this surgery and change themselves, children should not be forced to undergo surgery. Children who are uncomfortable with the shape of the ears and who want surgery are generally more adaptable during treatment.

Can prominent ear surgery be performed in adults?
Prominent ear correction surgery can be easily performed in adults, and there is no harm in it. In our society, patients who were not treated in childhood due to socioeconomic reasons undergo surgery when they become adults and have their own financial means.

Prominent Ear Surgery
The prominent ear problem, which bothered people for life in the past, has become a problem that can be easily solved with simple methods today.  Prominent ears, which became a nightmare for school-age children, must be treated at the proper time and using the proper techniques. Prominent ear surgery, which may be a simple aesthetic surgery operation that doesn’t carry serious risks, is an operation that ought to be performed under hospital conditions by a cosmetic surgeon who is an expert in his field. It’s performed by applying local or general anaesthesia in line with the surgeon’s recommendation, taking under consideration the age of the patient. Although it varies in keeping with the amount of the matter within the ear, the operation, which is sometimes completed in a very period of 45-90 minutes, doesn’t require hospitalization. Reckoning on the ear structure, the technique and preference of the surgeon, the operation will be performed before of or behind the ear. By applying an aesthetic operation to the basis reason for the matter, the ear cartilages are usually shaped as they ought to be and therefore the ear is repositioned backwards. At the highest of the surgery, special bands are attached to the ear for 1-2 weeks so removed. The incisions applied during the surgery generally remain behind the ear and no traces which is able to cause aesthetic problems are formed. The surgery doesn’t affect hearing during or after recovery, and thus the person can easily continue his normal life. The recovery period in prominent ear surgery, which is performed quite simply and quickly, takes a maximum of 1-2 weeks.
At the top of this process, the prominent ear appearance completely disappears and also the person has natural and looking out ears.

Ear Correction Cost in Turkey

Prominent Ear Surgery Recovery Time
One of the most curious subjects of people who want to have prominent ear surgery is the healing process. This surgery will not pose any problems, especially for people who do not want it to be known that they have had this surgery and who want to continue their normal life in this process. In prominent ear surgery, which is performed quite simply and quickly, the patient is discharged on the identical day after a brief operation, especially if anaesthesia isn’t applied. The incisions to be made within the operation usually don’t require stitches and also the healing process takes a maximum of 1-2 weeks. After 1-2 days after the surgery, patients can take a shower and might easily return to their routine life after every week at the newest. during this process, protecting the ears from external influences increases the success rate of the operation. At the top of the method, the prominent ear appearance disappears completely, and therefore the person has ears that look natural and as they must be. At the tip of the method, people that have the required shape of the ear experience an excellent psychological relief and happiness.

Is There a Risk of Prominent Ear Surgery?
Otoplasty surgery is generally in the low-risk surgery group. The most common problems that can be seen in the short period after the operation are blood collection (hematoma formation) and infection in the operation area. Both problems can be solved without additional problems with appropriate treatments.
The problems that can be seen in the medium-long term are the formation of asymmetry in the ears or the reoccurrence of the prominent ear appearance over time. In order to solve this relatively rare problem with detailed preoperative evaluation and appropriate surgical techniques, re-surgery is usually required.

Is Prominent Ear Surgery Permanent? Will There Be Deformation Again?
Reopening after classical prominent ear surgery is not a situation we have ever encountered. When our post-operative recommendations are followed, there is almost no possibility of such a problem. Patient selection is very important for prominent ear surgery with thread. Not every patient is suitable for this method. After the examination, we tell our patient whether it is suitable or not. If it is appropriate, if we have done the operation and if our recommendations are followed after the procedure, there will be no opening in this operation.

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Prominent Ear Augmentation in Children
After the training to be received from the family and the doctor in babies, the bands that pass the doctor’s control will go out of use for a few months. In this case, surgical planning is made for the time schedule to be reviewed. It can be used to grow prominent ears. The most appropriate age for the surgery to be performed in this preschool period is around 4-6 years old. For the students who will come from the education process, from the students of school age who have completed their education, they will be trained.
If you have it, it can be applied to a health choice, considering its applicability with a very simple aesthetic eye and that you can prevent many possible social and problems, you can have prominent ear surgery, which may be appropriate by your plastic surgeon, and you will have normal ears. it could be.

Ear Correction Surgery Cost in Turkey
It is not a correct and ethical move to tell prices on the internet. In addition, it cannot be decided which method will be applied and what kind of cost will be incurred without an examination. We can only say this: The price of prominent ear aesthetics with thread is more suitable than classical prominent ear surgery. Ear Correction Surgery Cost in Turkey vary according to the clinic and doctor where the operation is performed. The location of the hospital varies according to the technique used for the procedure and cartilage deformation. Institutions that provide safe and professional services do not hesitate to show their success graphs. You can get service from our institution to maintain your health and have a complication protruding ear surgery.

Ear Correction Surgery Cost in Turkey Summary (Price, Duration Time, Hospitalization)

Operation Number 1 Time to return to work 1 week
Operation Time 1-2 hours Recovery 6 weeks
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia Persistence of Results Permanent
Sensitivity Time 6 week Hospital Stay none
Price  EUR 2500

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