Breast Lift Cost in Turkey

Breast Lift Cost in Turkey

Breast Lift Cost in Turkey

Breast Lift Cost in Turkey is  an article that aims to give you all the information you do not know about  Breast Lift Cost in Turkey and its process. We kindly shared the main headings with you;

  • Aesthetic Breast: Why Does Breast Sagg?
  • How do I know if my breasts are saggy?
  • How is breast lift surgery decided?
  • Can breast lift and breast augmentation be done together?
  • From What Age Can Breast Lift Surgery Be Performed?
  • Who is breast lift surgery performed for?
  • Before Surgery
  • Breast Lift Surgery Planning
  • What awaits us after the operation?
  • Healing Process
  • Life After Breast Lift Surgery
  • Can there be numbness in the chest after the procedure?
  • Breastfeeding After Breast Lift Surgery
  • Are the scars that will remain on the breast after breast lift surgery disturbing?
  • Is a non-surgical breast lift possible?
  • Can sagging occur again after breast lift surgery?
  • What are the Risks of Breast Lift Surgery?
  • Breast Lift Cost in Turkey

They are surgeries that are similar in theory to breast reduction surgeries. The most concern in breast lift surgeries is that the excess skin tissue that causes sagging within the breast. Either this excess skin or a really touch of tissue is removed with special drawings. The drooping nipple and breast tissue are shaped to get a more upright and fuller breast.

Aesthetic Breast: Why Does Breast Sagg?

There may somewhat be many reasons for this. There’s a decrease in breast tissue thanks to hormonal reasons thanks to aging. This causes the breast to empty and sag. Breastfeeding mothers are more vulnerable to sagging. Breasts enlarge when stuffed with milk and are discharged with breastfeeding. When this is commonly repeated over and over, the breasts naturally sag. Additionally, gravity pulls the breasts down, causing them to sag. In some cases, sagging begins at a awfully early age and is totally caused by the congenital weakness of the ligaments that carry the breast.We offer advanced expertise, tailored treatment plans, and compassionate care, every step of the way. Choose us, and choose a future where health isn’t just a destination, but a vibrant, empowered journey you take with trusted companions by your side.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liposuction

How do I know if my breasts are saggy?

There is an old-fashioned method of determining whether the breast is sagging by placing a pen on the under-breast line and checking whether the breast holds the pen or not. It actually works practically. However, it’s not effective alone. The direction of the nipple is additionally important. The nipple should be facing up or forward.

How is breast lift surgery decided?

In breast lift surgery, patient is analyzed on a short term premise. Nipple location and amount of exocrine gland are measured. The patient’s expectations are evaluated. If there’s a small sagging, if the quantity of duct gland is at an appropriate level, the breast becomes fuller and upright with the silicone breast prosthesis placed under the duct gland. Fat injection will lift the breast.
If the sagging is simply too much and therefore the amount of exocrine gland is sufficient, it’s recovered the same as breast reduction techniques. In other words, excess breast skin is removed. If necessary, excess fat is additionally removed.

Can breast lift and breast augmentation be done together?

If the sagging is excessive and therefore the amount of exocrine gland is insufficient, both a silicone prosthesis is placed on the breast and therefore the breast augmentation is performed. This surgery is that the foremost technically difficult breast surgery. The dimensions of the prosthesis placed under the breast and therefore the recovery rate of the breast skin are decided during the surgery.

From What Age Can Breast Lift Surgery Be Performed?

You can have this operation from the age of 18 when breast development is finished in ladies. However, it’s important to grasp that certain life events, like future pregnancy or weight fluctuations, can negatively affect your results. If you’re getting to have more children or want to reduce, you must know that deformation will occur after breast lift.

Who is breast lift surgery performed for?

Breast lift surgery is performed on women who have sagging breasts and are uncomfortable with this case. If the breast size is sufficient, only breast lift is performed. An easy test for breast size is required. The breasts are collected within the palm.
If the resulting size is sufficient for the lady, only an erection are going to be sufficient. If it’s both small and saggy, silicone is additionally placed with the breast lift.
The second solution for girls who don’t want silicone is breast augmentation with oil injection. However, this procedure isn’t done during breast lift. First, a breast lift is performed. After 6 months, the breast is enlarged by a second operation by injecting fat into the breast.

Before Surgery

As with any surgery, some precautions should be taken before breast lift surgery. If the person smokes, it’s beneficial to quit smoking 1 week before the surgery. On the day of the surgery, the health of the person is checked by performing the required analyzes.
Blood thinners and supplements taken, like vitamins, are discontinued in consultation with the doctor. You should definitely inform your doctor about the drugs used regularly and chronic diseases.


Breast Lift Cost in Turkey

Breast Lift Surgery Planning

Breast sagging is classed in various ways. Generally, sagging refers to the presence of the nipple at or below the amount of the inframammary line. If it’s at or near the under-breast line, it’s called 1st degree (slight) sagging. during this case, a half-moon shaped a part of the skin above the breast ring are often removed and therefore the breast ring may be taken a bit higher. If the nipple is 1-3 cm below the inframammary line, there is a 2nd degree (moderate) sagging. During this case, a bigger piece of skin is aloof fromround the nipple ring and therefore the ring is contracted and sutured to the smaller diameter nipple ring. during this case, only a scar will remain round the nipple ring, but the ring will appear shrunken within thekind of a bag mouth for some months.
This appearance gradually decreases in 1-2 years. If this example isn’t desired, the vertical short scar method is applied. During this method, rather than suturing round the ring by shrinking, the upper skin opening is slid under the breast ring, leaving a vertical scar extending downwards (vertical short scar method). If the nipple is a smaller amount than 3 cm below the inframammary line, there’s a third degree sagging. during this case, vertical (keyhole) mastopexy is applied, which leaves an inverted-T-shaped scar within the pictures above. during this case, an extra horizontal scar will remain under the breast. However, the advantage of this method is that the breast can take a full cone and form.
In the vertical short scar method, there’ll be a small swelling within the lower a part of the breast. This pot gradually decreases in 1-2 years. If it doesn’t disappear completely, alittle piece of skin is removed within the kind of a horizontal ellipse under local anaesthesia and therefore the pot is removed. But these, within the case called “pseudoptosis”, the breast appears drooping as a results of the gap between the nipple ring and also the under-breast line being shorter than normal, although there’s no sagging within the breast. To correct this, breast augmentation is performed with alittle silicone breast prosthesis. Or, the nipple ring is shifted to a better point with the vertical short scar method. Silicone prosthesis application is more preferred as there’ll be little scarring.

What awaits us after the operation?

Ice compress therapy is started immediately after the operation. A sports bra is worn. No other dressing is employed apart from the skinny bands on the stitches. The drains placed within the surgery are removed 24-48 hours after the surgery.

Healing Process

You can clean up 5 days after the medical procedure. Stitches aren’t removed. Stitches dissolve on their own and fall off in about 2 to three weeks. A sports bra should be worn continuously for 4 weeks. This bra reduces the patient’s perception of pain and makes them feel safer. First edematous breasts gradually form. It takes about 8-10 weeks for the breast to require its final shape.

Life After Breast Lift Surgery

As a results of the surgery, the nipple involvesa better level, to its normal place. This level is forward and slightly upward while the patient is standing. As a results of the surgery, there’s a vertical scar round the nipple ring extending down from this ring within the front and a horizontal line under the breast (inverted T shape). While this scar is pink within the first 6 months, it gradually becomes white and therefore the scar decreases. It becomes vague in a very year or two. Rarely, if the scars are overly prominent (hypertrophic scars or keloids), it should require a second correction.
The sawbones decides on the strategy to be applied to the patient supported the breast tissue to be removed, the sagging of the breasts and other factors. The surgery is performed within the hospital and under anesthesia. The new location and diameter of the nipple and ring are calculated and drawn per the patient’s body measurements, taking into consideration certain anatomical points. Excess skin is aloof from the suitable parts. The nipple is delivered to the upper point where it should be. within the meantime, the connection of the nipple with the milk ducts is cut very slightly. Complications which will occur after surgery include infection, bleeding and hematoma.

Can there be numbness in the chest after the procedure?

There is no permanent loss of sensation. However, because the skin and subcutaneous tissues are cut and stitched, there is also a brief change in sensation until the damaged nerve endings repair themselves.

Breastfeeding After Breast Lift Surgery

Since the surgical technique doesn’t require cutting the milk ducts, there’ll be no problem in lactation if the patient gives birth within the future. Specific complications which will occur very rarely because of circulatory problems are necrosis of fat or nipple tissue. Stitches are removed in 12-15 days. After the operation, the patient may complain of pain for the primary day or two. These pains are relieved with painkillers. After dressing for some days after surgery, the patient is placed on a bra. It’s recommended that the bra to be used should be non-wired, soft combed and covering the complete chest.

Are the scars that will remain on the breast after breast lift surgery disturbing?

After breast lift surgery, alittle scar of 3-4 cm remains under the breast in patients who have only breast prosthesis placed. Since this scar are often hidden under the breast, it alwaysdoesn’t bother.
Depending on the technique chosen, an I, L or T shaped scar remains under the nipple in patients who will undergo skin rejuvenation on the breast. The scar round the nipple isn’t very obvious as there’s a difference in tone within the transition from the nipple to the conventional skin.
The vertical line that goes down from the nipple is that the scar that heals best. Generally, it’s difficult to detect out the scar one year after breast lift surgery. The road under the breast isn’t visible when viewed from the front or side.

Is a non-surgical breast lift possible?

In an unsagging breast, the nipple is above the inframammary fold line. In mild breast sagging, the nipple is at the extent of the inframammary fold. In further sagging, the nipple is below this line. No massage, cream or tool can make the nipple rise.
Since the breast tissue consists of fat and mammary glands, the breast doesn’t become erect with sports and exercise. Because so as for a tissue to be able to assemble, it must incorporates muscle tissue. Therefore, sagging breasts can only be recovered with breast lift surgery.

Can sagging occur again after breast lift surgery?

A pregnancy or major weight changes which will occur after breast lift surgery may cause sagging of the breasts again. Therefore, it’d be more appropriate to perform lifting surgery on patients who are not any longer planning a toddler and whose basal weight doesn’t fluctuate.

What are the Risks of Breast Lift Surgery?

Likewise with any medical procedure on this scale, breast lift has certain risks. Although precautions are taken against all of those, unforeseen situations may occur, but the mandatory interventions to beat all of them aredistributed by the surgical team.
The most common risk within the first 24 hours is bleeding to the operation site. this could occur in approximately 1-2 of each 100 patients. the quantity of this bleeding is followed and if it’s not predicted that it’ll not regress within the follow-up, evacuation is performed with a brief operation performed on the identical night. This doesn’t affect the ultimate aesthetic condition, but means an operation under additional anesthesia.
The most common complications within the early weeks are wound infections and healing problems at the sutures which will be associated with it. this case is more common where the vertical track joins the horizontal track, where the stress is highest.
Since conditions like diabetes, smoking and soft tissue diseases increase the chance of this complication, your diabetes and soft tissue disease should be in check before the operation, and your cigarette consumption should be stopped if possible.
This risk is around 2-4 per 100 people. While such cases nearly always recover with dressings, in very rare circumstances, an area operation may require suturing.

Breast Lift Cost in Turkey

One of the foremost asked question about Breast List is “How much does a Breast Lift Cost in Turkey?” The procedure performed, the kind of treatment you wish, the interventions you may receive within the hospital thanks to your health condition may cause changes within the price of breast lift surgery. At the identical time, the value policy of the hospital and also the surgeon who performs the breast lift surgery is additionally important. Prices for Breast Lift Cost in Turkey or, in other words, breast lift surgery, vary consistent with the procedure to be performed. If only breast lift are done, the worth are a bit cheaper, while the value will increase if mastopexy and silicone are combined or oil injection is required.

Breast Lift Cost in Turkey Summary (Price, Duration Time, Hospitalization)

Operation Number 1 Time to return to work 8 days
Operation Time 2 hours Recovery 8 days
Anesthesia yes Persistence of Results no
Sensitivity Time 8 days Hospital Stay 1
Price EUR 5500