Hair Transplant For Women in Turkey

Hair Transplant for Women in Turkey

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  • How Does the Process Work Before and After Hair Transplantation for Women?
  • Does Hair Transplantation Work for Women? Would The Operation Be Successful?
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Hair Transplant for Women in Turkey

Do not be afraid if your hair and eyebrows are not the way you want, or if there is shedding due to different reasons.Hair transplantation is a service preferred also by women recently. Hair loss is a common health problem for women as well as for men. All kinds of cosmetic products are used to stop hair loss caused by dozens of different reasons. If hair loss continues, a bald area occurs on the top of the head. If baldness has occurred on the top of the head because of hair loss, it means that it is time to have a hair transplant, because cosmetic products used after hair loss do not help to grow hair back. Hair transplantation, which is thought to be only for men, can also be successfully applied to women. The procedure is the same.

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How Should Hair Transplantation Be Done for Women?

Everyone wants to have healthy and beautiful hair, but at times and in cases, hair loss causes you to lose your self-confidence by being demoralized. The most important accessories, especially for women, are hair and eyebrows. Do not be afraid if your hair and eyebrows are not the way you want, or if there is shedding due to different reasons. Now, as there is a solution for everything, you can have healthier and thicker hair and eyebrows with hair and eyebrow transplantation. Shedding may be due to genetic reasons, as well as for many reasons. Especially during pregnancy, shedding increases with the changes of hormones. Irregular nutrition, excessive stress, irregular and unhealthy lifestyle play a major role in shedding.


How is Hair Transplantation Performed for Women?

People who have tried many methods and cannot achieve the desired result, people who do not want to spend long times and sessions prefer hair transplantation because it is shorter, and it is the best for a precise solution. You do not need to shave your hair or eyebrow at all for the operation. You can fill in between your existing hair and eliminate the sparseness without shortening your hair. For the eyebrow, after the model drawing you want is made, the operation process starts with the approval of the patient, and the planting is made into the area where the drawing is made. The process of an eyebrow transplantation is similar to the process of hair transplantation. The grafts taken from the strong hair follicles are transferred to the problem areas, the transplanted hair does not have any shedding problem. The best aspect of hair transplantation applied with the FUE method is that the hair to be transplanted can be transferred without shortening it. The sparseness created from graft collecting operation from the upper part of the nape is not visible even when the hair is tied. For women, the desired tightening is achieved, as planting is performed for thinning, not shedding, in general.

Choosing the right surgeon:

Ensure the surgeon is board-certified and specializes in hair transplantation, particularly for women.
Look for positive patient reviews and before-and-after photos demonstrating their expertise.
Schedule a consultation to discuss your goals, expectations, and suitability for the procedure.

How Does the Process Work Before and After Hair Transplantation for Women?

Before the operation, some tests are performed on the patient for control and precautionary purposes. (Hepatitis B/C – HIV – Jaundice) Evaluation is made according to the results. The hair in the area to be grafted is shaved and grafts are taken from the donor point. The grafts taken are kept in the organ transplant solution. The channels get opened one by one with the latest technology applications and the grafts get planted one by one. The patient should not wash the hair for two days and the first wash should get done by the clinic, and after 10 days the patient will be asked to come back to the institution for shedding. In those 10 days, the patient should get done her hair washing every day by herself. The hair will regain its natural appearance every day after every wash. In 3 months, hair in the 30-35% of the planted area would be grown. 60-65% of growth occurs in 6 months, and according to the structure of each patient, between the 8th and 12th months, 100% growth occurs. It is useful to use vitamins to protect the existing hair and eyebrows after transplantation. Especially, using multivitamin-supported serums with stem cells provides great benefits. For the washing process, it is necessary to pay attention to the absence of chemicals, parabens, and colorants in the shampoo.

Does Hair Transplantation Work for Women? Would The Operation Be Successful?

It is possible to achieve 99% success if hair transplantation is performed by a team of specialists and doctors. It is a highly successful method.

Does Hair Transplantation Work for Women?

It is a safe and healthy method that is permanent for life. With the special tissue organ transplant solution, we have used, the hair is kept alive by 99%.

Access The Information About Hair Transplantation Prices and Eligibility for Women

Hair transplantation for women can be done at almost any age. It is inconvenient to apply to people with chronic diseases (heart, diabetes, liver failure, blood pressure, and kidney failure), pregnant women, and those who use excessive substances. Even if the operation has been done, especially for people who use substances, after a very short time, the grafts cannot hold and grow out of their roots. The duration of the operation varies according to the average number of grafts. Particular attention should be paid to unshaven hair transplantation; Since the hair is not shaved during the operation, transplantation is done between the hairs. While transplanting between the hairs, the bleeding spreads to the other hairs and since the first wash will be done by the second day after the operation, some blood will dry there. Since detailed wash cannot be done and blood clots remain in that area, it disturbs the patient and damages the transplanted new hair during washing. While washing, the newly transplanted hair may move, come out, and be damaged. This leads to graft loss and creates spaces in the planting areas. Therefore, there are things to be careful about and should be considered after as well as before hair transplantation. If you had detailed research before having a hair transplant and follow your doctor’s instructions after you have it, the process will be easier for you. You can contact us to get detailed information about hair transplantation and to inquire about availability for pre-examination.

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-How are the Hair Transplant Prices Determined for Women?

Hair transplant prices are the same for everyone. The graft to be transplanted and the method to be used are the two main criteria that determine the hair transplant price.

-Are There Any Foods I Should Avoid Before Having a Hair Transplant?

Apart from drinking alcohol or smoking, you should not drink green tea, coffee, aspirin, or other stimulants for at least 10 days before your hair transplant operation.

-When Will I Get Full Hair Growth After a Hair Transplant?

Once your hair is transplanted and grows after 12 months, it can take up to 18 months for a woman if you have the habit of keeping your hair long. Apart from their care, no special care or maintenance is required.

-Where Will the Hair Follicles on My Head Be Transplanted in a Women Hair Transplant?

Every hair transplant done by our partner clinics is done with the help of your body hair. The donor area can be the back of the head, the nape, or a part that is healthy for hair growth.

-What Is the Guarantee That My Hair Will Grow Back Healthily?

Once a manual hair transplant is done, we guarantee that the results will be permanent and natural hair will start growing fuller, healthier, and thicker in just a few weeks.

-Would a Hair Transplant Cure Postmenopausal Hair Loss?

The effects of postmenopausal hair loss can be amplified by having a hair transplant once the other person has healthy hair in the donor area. It is best to first consult with our surgeons and then make a decision.

-As a Woman, I Love to Dye My Hair. Can I Do This After My Hair Transplant?

You can grow, cut, color, and style your transplant hair however you like.

Hair Transplant for Women in Turkey

Treatment Summary

Operation Number 1 session Time to return to work After the operation
Operation Time
3 hours
Recovery 36 hours
Anesthesia Local anesthesia Persistence of Results Permanent
Sensitivity Time Only in operation time Hospital Stay 2 night
Package Price EUR 1550 and see more packages