Frequently Asked Questions About BBL

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What is BBL?

Thanks to Brazilian Butt Lift( BBL) butt surgery, you can own a tighter, rounder and lusty looking buttocks in two hours. Besides, for this surgery, unwanted fat formed in regions alike as waist circumference and belly is removed by liposuction system and used to shape the buttock. One of the Frequently Asked Questions About BBL is who can have BBL.

Who is BBL for?

BBL aesthetics can be applied to people who have a low and voluminous buttocks, who have a small buttocks, who have bumpy and collapsed buttocks, and who do not have the necessary folds between their back and hips.

What are the Differences Between Brazilian Hip Surgery and Silicone Hip Replacement?

A major advantage of Brazilian hip surgery is that it enlarges the size of the hip without an implant( silicone hip relief). Brazilian Buttock( BBL) Surgery is a truly natural- looking operation with obvious results. still, if the person is really skinny, the fat to be removed from the body isn’t enough and the only way to achieve the increase in size you ask may be a silicone hip replacement. Silicone Buttock Prostheses may be a good option for some patients; however, it is important to understand the additional risks of having implants (hip replacements), including capsular contracture and a higher risk of infection.Invest in your health, invest in a brighter future. Our comprehensive medical programs deliver real results, while you indulge in the beauty and serenity of our destination.

Who cannot have a BBL?

We generally do not recommend this procedure to patients with a body mass index below 22. You can get more information about your body mass index by clicking here.

What is the life time of the transferred oils?

This varies from person to person. However; If the post-BBL surgery instructions are followed carefully, 80% of the transferred fat will survive after the edema has resolved.

What can I do to help the transferred fat survive?

It is important to wear a surgical corset to increase the amount of remaining fat. A balanced diet with healthy fats should be followed. It is necessary to use a BBL pillow for at least 3-4 weeks, especially while sitting. Avoiding cigarettes and tobacco products helps fat cells survive.

Frequently Asked Questions About BBL

Will this help me lose weight?

One of the Frequently Asked Questions About BBL is if the procedure can help the individuals to loose weight. Aesthetic surgery, as the name suggests, aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of the individual. None of these procedures will help you lose weight, but will help you have gorgeous contours.

Can BBL fix hip dips?

While the procedure focuses more on contouring your buttocks, the fact that fat is used to fill out the hips means that you can also treat your hip dips. That said, if you claim to achieve fuller buttocks but with a smooth-edged figure, a Brazilian butt lift can offer you those advantages.

Will there be any scars?

Small incisions are made to open the innermost and closed areas without leaving any scars on the skin. With the anti-scar creams that we will prescribe to you, the development of scars after the surgery is minimized.

Will the stitches need to be removed after the surgery?

Normally, all sutures are placed under the skin and do not need to be removed after BBL surgery.

What to do after BBL operation?

After the procedure, when you wake up fully and feel yourself, we will lay you face down. Our aim is to prevent the shape given to your butt from deteriorating. We recommend that you sleep face down for at least 15 days.

– Again, you should not sit on your butt for the first 15 days to maintain the shape. You need to sit with your butt sticking out by putting the butt pillow we gave you under your legs. There is nothing that prevents you from standing.

– It is a situation that we expect some fluid leakage from the areas where liposuction was performed immediately after the procedure.

– Before you leave the hospital the next morning, we’ll give you a shower and clean you up.

– We recommend that you take shower with a corset for the first week. Because if you take it off, you may have a hard time wearing it. After washing, you can dry your corset with a hair dryer. After the 1st week, you can take off the corset and wash it.

– In the early period after the procedure, your butt may seem very large to your eyes. Do not be afraid. Approximately 40-50% of the fat injected into the butt area is absorbed by the body in the first 6 months. The remainder remains constant for life. Therefore, we usually try to increase the rest by injecting some excess fat at the beginning.

– It will take 6 months for your butt to take its final shape.

– We recommend that you wear the corset you are wearing for at least 6 weeks.

– You can start walking whenever you feel good and ready after the procedure. Walking will help reduce your edema.

– Heavier sports can be done after completing the 2nd week.

– We want you not to smoke, especially for the first 2 weeks after the procedure. Smoking prevents the injected oils from holding and increases the loss.

When can I return to work?

It depends on the patient’s job. After a problem-free BBL operation, you can return to work one week later. If you have a desk job that you usually do in a sitting position, we recommend using a BBL pillow for at least three weeks.

How long will it take me to start exercising again?

You can start short walks under the supervision of a nurse immediately after BBL surgery. And please continue the short walks for the first week. After this recovery period, you can start normal walks. By the sixth week, you can start brisk walking and swimming or start light exercises. From the eighth week, you can start sports activities with the approval of your surgeon.

Does BBL look natural?

Fortunately, with the Brazilian Butt Lift( BBL), natural- looking results aren’t only possible but guaranteed as you’re using a natural augmenting material to enhance your butt.

Can I give birth after BBL?

There is nothing risky about pregnancy or having kids, as long as you have fully recovered. Though, like with other surgeries, it does have the potential to alter your results permanently. Usually, the buttocks are not too affected by the changes associated with gicing birth.

Frequently Asked Questions About BBL

Can men have a BBL?

Yes, currently men are also interested in butt aesthetics. In fact, in numerous studies, the butt is one of the places that women find seductive in the masculine body. Women say that they find it seductive that men’s butt looks upright and tight. Numerous men may also be uncomfortable with their appearance due to their low and saggy butts.

What are BBL prices?

Frequently Asked Questions About BBL Treatment Prices

Treatment Cost Calculator

BBL type of anesthesia?

In most cases, Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia, because it entails both liposuction and fat transfer, and is oftentimes combined with a tummy tuck or mommy makeover.

Important Tips You Need To Know

  • Squating pan style toilet is not allowed for 6 months after the surgery.
  • Crossing legs is not recommended for 2 months.
  • Sexual intercourse is allowed 6 weeks after surgery.


Frequently Asked Questions About BBL Summary (Price, Duration Time, Hospitalization)

Operation Number 1 Time to return to work 3-4 weeks
Operation Time 3-4 hours Recovery 6-12 months
Anaesthesia General Anaesthesia Persistence of Results Temporary
Sensitivity Time 1-2 weeks Hospital Stay 1 night
Price EUR 3,500 and for information

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