Face Plastic Surgery Cost

Face Plastic Surgery Cost

Face Plastic Surgery cost is one of the most curious topics in 2019. Hospitals or doctors are not allowed to explain the aesthetic operation prices. This site is not running on their platform. We’ll give you general information about price ranges here.
Turkey is a hugely popular tourist destination, as it is home to spectacular natural beauty and historical places. Not only that, but Turkey is a favourite destination for medical tourism. Every year millions of people flock to take advantage of Turkey’s modern healthcare facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch surgeons.
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What is Face Plastic Surgery?

If you want to refresh your face and rejuvenate and even stop time, you may be able to face lifting surgery for you. Face lift surgery can be performed not only in the face area, but also in the face and neck skin, and even if there is any lubrication under the chin, it can be done in all face regeneration and revival planning.

What are the types of face lift aesthetics?

Spider web aesthetics, also known as facial lifting, have many advantages when compared to the traditional face lift technique, which results in a higher effect and shorter recovery times. This technique has become the most preferred method of the recent years, as your face will have a tighter and younger appearance after the rope lifting operation.
Cihantimur Oil Transfer System, the body is transferred to the other part of the body with the device which is specially developed without any removal from the body.
– Butt enlargement
– Breast augmentation
Lip enlargement
Distorted leg correction
Ankle thickening
Filling the facial pits and lines
Filling the pits on the sides of the butt
Very deep filling Acne (pimples) pits
Correction of pits formed after previous liposuction
Thickening the skin of the back
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Who can have a facelift?

– sagging on the face
– Wrinkles on the side of the mouth
– Reduction in facial fat tissue volume
– Non-aesthetic formation
– Chin sagging on the skin
– Those who experience self-confidence due to this form loss in the entire face area
Operation Number 1 Time to return work 5
Operation Time 2-5 hours Recovery
Anestezi General Anestezi Persistence of Results Permanent
Sensitivity Time 1-3 Days Hospital Stay 0-1 night
Price EUR 1000 – EUR 3000

Facial Esthetics Considerations After Surgery

The person must protect his/her face from physical factors. In the post-operative recovery phase, the stretched face should not be subjected to excessive movement. If necessary, regular use of pain medication is required. Do not choose clothes that can be worn by direct contact with your face. It is absolutely necessary not to smoke for 1 month after the operation. Since the cigarette obstructs the capillaries in the body, the capillaries in the face affect the blood circulation and slow the healing process.


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