Face Plastic Surgery and Cost: 

Face Plastic Surgery and Cost: 

Face Plastic Surgery and Cost: 

Face Plastic Surgery cost is one of the most curious topics in 2022. Hospitals or doctors are not allowed to explain the aesthetic operation prices. This site is not running on their platform. We’ll give you general information about price ranges here.

Turkey is a hugely popular tourist destination, as it is home to spectacular natural beauty and historical places. Not only that, but Turkey is a favorite destination for medical tourism. Every year millions of people flock to take advantage of Turkey’s modern healthcare facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and top-notch surgeons. 

What is Face Plastic Surgery?

If you want to refresh your face and rejuvenate and even stop time, you may be able to face lifting surgery. Facelift surgery can be performed not only in the face area. But also in the face and neck skin, and even if there is any lubrication under the chin, it can be done in all face regeneration and revival planning. However, in the facelift procedure, the excess skin on the face is removed and the supporting tissues are repaired. In addition, a neck lift, also known as platysmaplasty, is usually performed as a part of the facelift procedure to reduce fat deposits and sagging skin on the neck. Facelift aims to eliminate problems such as sagging of the mid-face skin towards and below the chin due to the loss of elasticity in the skin, the formation of bags and deep lines under the eyes, the collapsed appearance of the cheeks due to the sagging of the skin and the displacement of the subcutaneous fat tissue, and the loose and sagging appearance of the neck skin. Facelift procedure has no effect on other imperfections on your face such as forehead lines, under-eye lines, etc. On the other hand, additional treatments can be recommended for the under eye, eye, eyebrow, nose, mouth, cheekbones, chin, and neck in preoperative planning, thus it is possible to obtain a more natural facial appearance by eliminating sagging that causes tired and old facial appearance.

What are the types of facelift aesthetics?

Spider web aesthetics, also known as facial lifting, have many advantages when compared to the traditional facelift technique, which results in a higher effect and shorter recovery times. This technique has become the most preferred method of recent years, as your face will have a tighter and younger appearance after the rope lifting operation.We offer advanced expertise, tailored treatment plans, and compassionate care, every step of the way. Choose us, and choose a future where health isn’t just a destination, but a vibrant, empowered journey you take with trusted companions by your side.

Cihantimur Oil Transfer System, the body is transferred to the other part of the body with the device which is specially developed without any removal from the body.

– Butt enlargement

– Breast augmentation

Lip enlargement

Distorted leg correction

Ankle thickening

Filling the facial pits and lines

Filling the pits on the sides of the butt

Very deep filling Acne (pimples) pits

Correction of pits formed after the previous liposuction

Thickening the skin of the back

Preparation to Facelift surgery: 

The first stage of preoperative preparation is applied the same in all hospitals. After you decide to have a facelift surgery and consult with your specialist surgeon, some examinations are performed to decide whether you can undergo this surgery or not. The triggers are listed as follows:

  • First of all, the health history is examined.
  • Necessary laboratory tests and radiology studies are performed.
  • In order to prevent complications related to anesthesia, evaluations are made by the anesthesiologist and other laboratory tests and radiology studies.
  • After the surgery has been verified that there is no risk, you will be asked to stop smoking if you smoke and to stop taking some medications that increase the risk of bleeding. This is done in order to prevent the occurrence of risk during and after the surgery.
  • All other prescription and nonprescription medicines and nutritional supplements will also be questioned, and then you will be informed by your specialist whether to continue or stop taking them. 

Before facelift surgery, it is important to talk to a specialist surgeon and you will be given detailed information about the procedure by the specialist. Also, you may be asked to stop eating and drinking at a certain time before surgery, and you must strictly follow this instruction of your specialist surgeon to undergo surgery on the scheduled date. 

After the Facelift Surgery: 

After facelift surgery, you may experience mild to moderate pain, drainage from incisions, swelling, bruising, and numbness. In the first days after the operation, rest with your head elevated, use painkillers and medications recommended by your doctor, and apply cold packs to the face to relieve your pain and reduce swelling. You will have several scheduled follow-up appointments within two months after facelift surgery. This is at your follow-up appointment including your surgeon will remove your drainage tube in the days after surgery, then apply antibiotic ointment to your incisions and place new bandages on your face by your specialist. Your doctor will remove your stitches one week after surgery. In your next follow-up appointments, it is to ensure your progress in a controlled manner.

Who can have facelift surgery?

– sagging on the face

– Wrinkles on the side of the mouth

– Reduction in facial fat tissue volume

– Non-aesthetic formation

– Chin sagging on the skin

– Those who experience self-confidence due to this form loss in the entire face area

Risks of facelift surgery:
  • Facelift surgery may cause complications, although long-term or permanent complications may rarely cause significant changes in the appearance face.  Hematoma, the most common complication of facelift surgery, is a blood collection under the skin that causes swelling and pressure.
  • A hematoma usually occurs with 24-hour surgery and is treated immediately with surgery to avoid damage to other tissues.
  • Scarring, another type of risk, rarely can cause cuts that blister and red scars. Corticosteroid drug injections or other treatments may be used to improve the appearance of scars.
  • Also, although nerve injury is rare, it can temporarily or permanently affect the nerves that control the senses or muscles. In addition, risks such as hair loss and skin loss are also included in this surgery. 


Operation Number1Time to return work5
Operation Time2-5 hoursRecovery
AnesteziGeneral AnesteziPersistence of ResultsPermanent
Sensitivity Time1-3 DaysHospital Stay0-1 night
PriceEUR 3000 – EUR 5000

Facial Esthetics Considerations After Facelift Surgery:

The person must protect his/her face from physical factors. In the post-operative recovery phase, the stretched face should not be subjected to excessive movement. If necessary, regular use of pain medication is required. Do not choose clothes that can be worn by direct contact with your face. It is absolutely necessary not to smoke for 1 month after the operation. Since the cigarette obstructs the capillaries in the body, the capillaries in the face affect the blood circulation and slow the healing process.

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