Health Tourism in Turkey

Health Tourism in Turkey

Health tourism is the most favorite niche tourism market in recent times. Health tourism is seen as one of the fastest growing tourism activities in the world. This sector has a significant share in the movement. Turkey also wants to use the competitiveness of the health tourism with the aim to increase the variety of alternative tourism. In this article MCT will higlights the reasons of foreign patients coming to Turkey and explain medical tourism types…

Why choose Turkey for medical tourism?

1# Talented and well konown doctors
2#  More than sixty hospitals are accredited by JCI “Joint Commission International.
3# Turkey’s private hospitals and clinics offer an affordable solution in a vacation-like environment
4# Qualified medical personnels
5# Good quality of medical care

Aesthetic Medical Tourism in Turkey

Aesthetic medical tourism is an economic source of treatment to improve the standard of living, improve the quality of life and improve physical appearance. In aesthetic medical tourism, treatment is more enjoyable than urgency. For this reason, those with high aesthetic medical preference are the ones with good economic status. The most preferred sections in the field are; hair transplantation, dental aesthetics, implant, eye aesthetics, breast aesthetics, tummy tuck surgery, nose aesthetics, ear aesthetics, facial bone aesthetics, liposuction, facelift, body aesthetics, botox, laser treatments can be listed as. Successful operations, professional staff and due to price options Turkey, “the most demanding countries in aesthetics” was the title.

Medicinal Tourism in Turkey

Medicinal Toursm is a kind of tourism that patients prefer to get treatment, to reach their health and to maintain their vital functions. Turkey has demonstrated in organ transplantation and in the treatment of cancer often international medical tourism has been raised successfully. To list the most preferred types of medical intervention; cancer and heart surgery, brain tumor treatment and stem cell therapies are the first. In addition, the treatment of these diseases are the most foreign currency that treatment in Turkey. Afterwards, eye treatments, in vitro fertilization, dental treatment, orthopedics and traumatology, oral and maxillofacial diseases and surgery and skin and venereal diseases, gynecology, brain and nerve surgery, oncology follow. The number of dentists in Turkey, 23 thousand, if taken into account in the number of physicians as more than 135 thousand, our country has more than enough capacity to meet the health tourism as a potential doctor.

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