Top Medical Travel Destinations

Top Medical Travel Destinations

Medical travel and tourism have emerged for many reasons and exists long time ago. The sector is not only limited to one country but also attracts the attention of many countries and regions around the world. Economic development, creating a positive image to the country in the international market as well as using alternative tourism to distribute the country’s tourism season with many goals, In this article, MCT will examine top medical travel destinations and find answer;

Factors affecting the choice of Medical Travel Destinations:

The main reasons why people choose other countries as health tourism destinations instead of their homelands are as follows:

  • 56% of patients need to get a better of treatment
  • 22% search at less expensive costs
  • 18% look for a treatment alternative not accessible at home
  • 10% need to get treatment as quickly as time permits and without queues.

Based on these, here are the top 10 medical tourism destinations in the world:

1# Turkey

2# India

3# Thailand

4# Singapore

5# Malaysia

6# Switzerland

7# Spain

8# South Korea

9# Germany

10# Italy

1# Medical Travel In Turkey

Before the 2020th, more than 700,000 foreign patients have picked Turkey as a top clinical the travel industry objective yearly. For the most recent decade, Turkish medical services has hit a world-class level because of billions of ventures.

Turkey has a significant share in the world tourism movement, owned infrastructure facilities, quality health services, skilled manpower, competitive price advantages, and government support. Advantages of the geographical location as well as quality tourism management combined with favourable climate conditions. It has unique natural and historical riches with the well-known Turkish hospitality give great opportunity to be lead the sector which has been gaining more and more shares in the field of medical tourism.

Most patients coming to Turkey eye, dental, orthopedics, cardiology, oncology, are choosing to plastic surgery and neurosurgery. Most patients come from Germany, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Libya for health tourism to our country. These countries are followed by Syria, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the Netherlands and the UK. for health tourism in Turkey it is one of the most preferred cities comes from Istanbul.We offer advanced expertise, tailored treatment plans, and compassionate care, every step of the way. Choose us, and choose a future where health isn’t just a destination, but a vibrant, empowered journey you take with trusted companions by your side.

The advantages of traveling to Turkey for Medical Treatment:

  • Superior technology and a high number of qualified manpower makes Turkey is one of the leading players in the health sector.
  • Turkey has great advantages of mathematical position as well as the convenience of being at the intersection of Europe.
  • The expenses for treatment in Turkey are 2-4 times lower than in the USA or Europe, and 1.5-multiple times than in Thailand. The reasonable expenses are clarified by the for the most part low valuing strategy in the country, which is situated to the normal pay of neighborhood residents.
  • To have the technical (physical and technological) infrastructure and the qualification level of education and experience.
  • It has a high level of standardization and a high number of internationally accredited hospitals.
  • Turkey ranks seventh in terms of thermal resources available in the world and first in Europe.
  • High-quality tourism facilities and well-trained foreign language personnel.
  • Tailor-made services and no waitlist.
  • Significant cost savings compared to domestic private healthcare.
  • Recently, the a high success rate of organ transplants in the world.
  • Turkey is additionally a standout amongst other clinical travel industry objections on the grounds that most clinics zeroed in on global patients give free exchange, convenience, and language help. It causes an outsider to feel good and safe.

2# Medical Travel in India

India has a place in the top 10 medical tourism countries. Prior to the pandemic limitations, consistently more than 460,000 worldwide patients have picked India alongside other wellbeing the travel industry objections. Generally, they come from Bangladesh, Iraq, Nigeria, Kenya, and Pakistan. Notwithstanding, the quantity of patients from America, Canada, and Europe likewise builds every year.

India is perhaps the most promising country for medical tourism: every year the amount of unfamiliar patients develops by 25% consistently.

India is quite possibly the most visited nations for medical care, with an extended visa strategy that facilitates travel for clinical sightseers. The clinical visa strategy permits patients to keep awake to 60 days and furthermore offers a clinical chaperon visa for blood family members that wish toaccompany the patient.

Why India is among the top 10 medical travel destinations:

  • Significant degree of medical care. There are 2 kinds of clinics in India — state and private ones. Clinical vacationers go for therapy just to the private clinical offices. 22 of Indian private emergency clinics have the Joint Commission International (JCI) declaration. It affirms the consistence of treatment with exacting global norms.
  • The low cost of medical care. The treatment costs are the absolute least on the world — the operation of a similar quality in the USA costs up to 10 times higher.
  • Practically 100% of Indian specialists communicate in English which is the reason foreign patients will not deal with issues with correspondence and can unquestionably pick India as their medical travel objective.
  • Presently, more than 41,000 Indian specialists practice in the main American and European clinics, receive their experience and apply it at home. A portion of the experts has gotten the best in the world.
  • Less waiting time
  • Treatment in well-equipped national and international accredited hospitals

3#Medical Travel in Thailand

As per the medical tourism country positioning, Thailand is viewed as probably the best objective for getting medical care administrations in the world. It is the top medical tourism destination for patients from the USA, Canada, Middle East, Europe, Vietnam and Laos.

Thailand has become an important destination in medical tourism by specializing in plastic surgery in the early 1970s followed by gender exchange operations. It continues its journey as an important medical tourism destination due to its advanced technology and low prices.

Why is Thailand one of the best countries for medical tourism?

  • It has affordable prices for medical services. Fees are 50-80% lower than those in the USA, Canada or Europe.
  • The provision of health care services adopted by new service providers with the latest technologies
  • Affordable international airfares.
  • The advancement of using the internet and providing services.
  • Short waiting time to get treatment. The emergency clinics in Thailand acknowledge foreign patients at the short notification. You simply need to plan the hour of your appearance.


4#Medical Travel in Singapore

Singapore is one of the important destinations in Asian medical tourism with its excellence in quality, reliability and internationally accredited hospitals. The country presents itself as a leading destination for superior medical technology and research.

Singapore pulls in the large number of global patients every year. As far as systems, Singapore brags a clothing list strengths including cardiology, hematology, oncology, nervous system science, foundational microorganism treatment, and orthopedics.

Moreover, Singapore’s liberal laws takes into account the examination and utilization of undeveloped cells in clinical work on, making it a significant, though disputable objective for patients needing progressed medical treatment.

Why Singapore is among the top 10 medical travel destinations;

  • The city-state gets around 500,000 clinical vacationers every year. Upwards of 250,000 clinical vacationers come from Indonesia alone.
  • Singapore’s private clinics offer extraordinary medical services administrations with cutting edge offices and very much prepared clinical trained professionals.
  • Global clinical vacationers visit Singapore every year for an entire scope of clinical consideration and medicines from wellbeing screenings to medical procedure.
  • Clinical sightseers can take care of medical care costs by acquiring a global health care coverage plan.

Medical tourism in malaysia

5# Medical Travel in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the few countries in the world that has established a separate health tourism unit within the Ministry of Health and has made health tourism a long-term policy. The Ministry of Health of Malaysia is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic plans for the promotion and development of medical tourism travels to the country. The development of cooperation and partnership between medical tourism carries out various activities and promotes overseas promotion activities.

Why Malaysia is among the top 10 medical travel destinations;

  • Excellent medical services
  • Monetary value
  • Religious factors and supportive services
  • Tourist attraction beaches
  • Similarity of the spoken language and intensive use of English

medical travel in switzerland

6# Medical Travel in Switzerland

Switzerland is a less popular medical tourism destination contrasted with the previously mentioned nations since it’s perhaps the most costly places in Europe. Nonetheless, it’s anything but a point for clinical vacationers who esteem the nature of the treatment. Switzerland is cherished by clinical sightseers from Brazil, China, India, and Middle Eastern nations.

Picking Switzerland as the best clinical travel industry objective for therapy, a patient will pay all the more yet additionally will get outstanding clinical consideration and full help.

Why Switzerland is among the top 10 medical travel destinations;

  • It has a high level of treatment. Swiss hospitals comply with the strictest European and international treatment standards, so the patient receives the highest quality medical assistance.
  • Switzerland is effectively available and offers rich convenience and a lot of vacation destinations, just as great individualized assistance, mountain resorts and a spa custom. A few Swiss medical services suppliers are gaining by the best of medication and the travel industry by offering an entire clinical the travel industry experience approach, consolidating clinical therapy with lavish common retreats.
  • The Swiss government makes huge interests in the improvement of nearby medical care, so just creative innovations are utilized which makes Switzerland an engaging clinical the travel industry objective for patients with intense or serious conditions.
  • Most Swiss clinics offer sumptuous states of stay — the wards resemble 5-star lodgings with a stunning perspective. Clinical offices give language help, move, and the staff makes all their best for the patient’s comfort.
  • Despite the small size of Switzerland, there are more than 300 medical facilities within the country. They help patients without tails and provide high-quality medical care.

medical travel in spain

7# Medical Travel in Spain

As indicated by medical tourism insights, an ever-increasing number of clinical vacationers from England, France, the USA and the Near East incline toward Spain consistently. There are in excess of 750 emergency clinics, 22 of which are JCI guaranteed. Spanish facilities do 2.4 million medical procedures every year.

Spain offers progressed treatment of pediatric oncology. Probably the best clinical offices in Europe and the world that acknowledge kids with oncology are found in this country. Because of clinical preliminaries and advances, specialists accomplished an 84% fix rate in patients with Ewing sarcoma and lymphoblastic leukemia: these are the best files in Europe.

Why Spain is among the top 10 medical travel destinations;

  • Spain offers low costs, great clinical treatment
  • Waiting times are quite more limited, contrasted with the UK
  • Opportunity to have treatment and occasions abroad. Spain is the top country among travelers for its exceptional nature, culture, and gentle environment. Patients can join excellent treatment with an extraordinary get-away.
  • Spending flight and convenience costs help keep the general expense of the excursion down
  • The Spanish medical services framework takes the seventh spot in the world as indicated by the World Health Organization. A portion of the world-realized specialists work here.


medical travel in korea

8# Medical Travel in South Korea

A world leader in both spinal medical procedures and malignancy screenings, South Korea is perhaps the most innovatively progressed clinical nation in the world.

Truth be told, numerous South Korean clinics consider electronic wellbeing records and completely digitized hardware standards.

South Korea is perhaps the most innovatively progressed country in the world. Inventive improvements are effectively carried out in medication. As per clinical travel industry sites, Korea has an undeniable degree of medical services viability. For instance, the Organization for Economic Co-activity and Development expresses that South Korea holds the primary spot among different nations with respect to the 5-year noticed endurance rate on the major cancers.

Why South Korea is among the top 10 medical travel destinations;

  • High-tech equipment in hospitals.
  • Such companies as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai produce clinical gear explicitly for South Korean emergency clinics. The hardware and electronic gadgets are recharged each 3-5 years. Because of this, South Korea assumes the second position with respect to the degree of specialized hardware in the world.
  • Relatively low costs – lower than in the USA, Japan and Germany.
  • Exacting quality control framework for clinical benefits
  • Universally certify medical clinics. The necessary condition for driving clinical focuses is to get JCI accreditation. Today, there are 11 JCI-certify offices that are interesting to patients and make South Korea quite possibly the most well-known clinical travel industry objections.
  • They offer friendly service.


medical travel in germany

9# Medical Travel in Germany

While there are no accurate measurements on the number of individuals who visit Germany for clinical/careful medicines or wellbeing and health reasons, gauges shift from 150,000 – 250,00 every year. Specialists are sure that the quantity of clinical travelers is on the ascent.

In 2020-2021, Germany positions twelfth worldwide with the nature of administration it gives and the advancements it applies. This nation’s positions are high regarding the quantity of medication advancement ventures.

Consistently, Germany spends in excess of 300 billion Euros on its medical care framework. As per the WHO proclamation, every nation ought to burn through 7% of their GDP on medication. Numerous nations spend just 2-5% of GDP on medical care. Germany has this list a lot higher than what WHO has suggested and remains at about 11% of the nation’s GDP.

Why Germany is among the top 10 medical travel destinations;

  • High effectiveness of the treatment. Specialists in Germany work as indicated by pristine principles of care. They apply present day prescriptions, medicines, and medical procedures. Furthermore, just high-grade helpful gear is utilized which can be managed onlyin the clinics of financially prosperous countries.
  • Accessibility of new helpful strategies. New helpful strategies show up in the created nations before they will be seen by the remainder of the world. Germany, as one of the high level country in the point of view of medical care advancement, gives its residents and visiting patients an opportunity to utilize the most recent accomplishments in clinical science.
  • The exclusive expectation of comfort. In Germany a patient feels like comfortable. High solace norms, a lot of consideration, and amicable disposition of the staff – any individual can get every one of these while getting treatment in the country. All treatment and indicative methods are performed by arrangement which avoids holding up in the lines.
  • Unique medications. All medications utilized in German clinics are delivered inside the nation as indicated by the exacting guidelines of the European Union. The correspondence to the EU medical care necessities is pivotal for some patients who look for medical travel industry by country.


medical travel in italy

10# Medical Travel in Italy

Italy among its 1400 medical clinics has 600 private medical clinics, 48 examination emergency clinics and 18 JCI licensed hospitals.

1 billion euros is put resources into development and exploration every year, while 700,000 foreign patients are dealt with every year in the country. So we can say that Italy has a wide involvement with managing individuals from various societies.

Esthetic medicine is likewise profoundly evolved in Italy. It is a less famous medical travel industry objective among unfamiliar patients these days yet it has a promising viewpoint for what’s to come.

 Why choose Italy as a medical tourism destination?

  • Inventive methodology. Some Italian emergency clinics are associated with logical exploration in the field of sub-atomic medication to treat infections of the sensory system, metabolic, safe, and hereditary pathologies.
  • A likelihood to consolidate the treatment with occasions abroad. Italy is a top objective among travelers. The nation draws in individuals with its comfortable vivid towns, chronicled destinations, beautiful nature, and scrumptious food. The environment is gentle and may accelerate the recuperation after treatment.