Top Medical Travel Destinations

Top Medical Travel Destinations

Medical travel and tourism have emerged for many reasons and exists long time ago. The sector is not only limited to one country but also attracts the attention of many countries and regions around the world. Economic development, creating a positive image to the country in the international market as well as using alternative tourism to distribute the country’s tourism season with many goals, In this article,  MCT will examine top medical travel destinations and find answer; Why patients prefer to undergo treatment in these countries;
2# India
3# Malesia
Medical Tourism in Turkey
1# Medical Travel in Turkey

Turkey has a significant share in the world tourism movement, owned infrastructure facilities, quality health services, skilled manpower, competitive price advantages, and government support. Advantages of the geographical location as well as quality tourism management combined with favourable climate conditions. It has unique natural and historical riches with the well-known Turkish hospitality give great opportunity to be lead the sector which has been gaining more and more shares in the field of medical tourism.
The advantages of travelling to Turkey for Medical Treatment
* Superior technology and high number of qualified manpower makes Turkey is one of the leading player in health sector.
*Turkey has great advantages of mathematical position as well as the convenience of being at intersection of Europe.
*To have the technical (physical and technological) infrastructure and the qualification level of education and experience.
*It has a high level of standardization and the high number of international accredited institutions.
*Turkey ranks seventh in terms of thermal resources available in the world and first in Europe.
*High quality tourism facilities and well-trained foreign language personnel.
*Medical treatment costs in Turkey are lower by at least 70% when compared to similar procedures in European countries. 
*Tailor-made services and no wait list.
*Significant cost savings compared to domestic private healthcare. 
*Recently, high success rate of organ transplants in the world.

Medical Tourism in India

2# Medical Travel in India

India is one of the oldest medical tourism centers and the largest alternative medicine center in the world. There are reasons to undergo treatment in India;
– The low cost of medical care
–  Less waiting time
– Higher quality care and advanced technology indicate that India is preferred for medical tourism services
– Having competent and skilled medical personnel
– Treatment in well-equipped national and international accredited hospitals
– Availability of state-of-the-art technology
– Significantly lower cost of medical treatment compared to developed countries
– English, widespread spoken by health
– Professionals and translator support
Medical Tourism in Malesia
3# Medical Travel in Malesia

Malaysia is one of the few countries in the world that has established a separate health tourism unit within the Ministry of Health and has made health tourism a long-term policy. The Ministry of Health of Malaysia is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic plans for the promotion and development of medical tourism travels to the country. The development of cooperation and partnership between medical tourism carries out various activities and promotes overseas promotion activities.
There are reasons to undergo treatment in Malesia;
– Excellent medical services
– Monetary value
– Religious factors and supportive services
– Tourist attraction beaches
– Similarity of the spoken language and intensive use of English
Medical Tourism in Thailand

4# Medical Travel in Thailand

Thailand is seen as one of the global leaders in the medical tourism market, which has grown rapidly in recent years, but is facing tough competition from Singapore, India and other countries. Thailand has become an important destination in medical tourism by specializing in plastic surgery in the early 1970s followed by gender exchange operations. It continues its journey as an important medical tourism destination due to its advanced technology and low prices.
What are reasons for the popularity of medical tourism in Thailand?
– No waiting list comparing developed countries
– The low cost of medical treatments,
– The provision of health care services adopted by new service providers with the latest technologies
– Affordable international air fares
– The advancement of using the internet and providing services.
Medical Tourism in Singapore
5# Medical Travel in Singapur

Singapore is one of the important destinations in Asian medical tourism with its excellence in quality, reliability and internationally accredited hospitals. The country presents itself as a leading destination for superior medical technology and research. The Singapore government has defined the medical tourism sector as a new growth area and has strongly supported the sector.
It is visited by medical tourists from developed countries such as Singapore, USA, England and neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Malaysia.The country also provides private health services for royal families from the Middle East and Europe.

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