What to Do Before Rhinoplasty Surgery?

What to Do Before Rhinoplasty Surgery?

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  • What is Rhinoplasty?
  • In which cases is rhinoplasty performed?
  • What should be the expectations of the patients before the Rhinoplasty surgery?
  • Is rhinoplasty a difficult operation?
  • What to do before rhinoplasty surgery?
  • Is there a list of products that should not be used before surgery?
  • Are blood tests done before surgery?
  • Can I have nose surgery during my period?
  • What should be done the day before the operation?
  • What are the Rhinoplasty techniques?

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure used in aesthetics and health. Rhinoplasty is often applied when the shape of the nose is not aesthetically pleasing.

In which cases is rhinoplasty performed?

Plastic surgery can be performed due to complaints such as arched nose, long nose, low tip of the nose, size of the nostrils or asymmetry.

What should be the expectations of patients before rhinoplasty surgery?

The fact that the nose is in the middle of the face is unavoidable, and the alterations that must be made will have a direct impact on the patient’s look and, as a result, on his or her psyche, whether favourably or adversely. First of all, people who will have this surgery should know very well what they want and be realistic. Analysing standards for the nose and facial structures surrounding the nose for a successful surgery; should be analysed in detail in line with ethnic variations and patient wishes. Most patients have facial and nasal asymmetries that were noticed at the preoperative consultation. These asymmetries are best seen in computer programs that can use digital photographs to complete one half of the face from the other. These asymmetries may not have been noticed by the patient before the operation. However, post-operatively the patient will most likely be hypersensitive to irregularities.
In the initial evaluation of the patient, the patient’s motivation, expectations and compliance with the surgeon are indispensable. Careful examination of the nose and face structure is the most important point of the surgical plan. The ideal nose understanding may vary from patient to patient, depending on facial features, the surgeon’s aesthetic understanding and surgical creativity.

Is Rhinoplasty surgery a difficult operation?

The anatomy and physiology of the nose are quite complicated, the rhinoplasty techniques change and develop every day, there are different techniques such as open, semi-open and closed in plastic nose surgeries, and the same technique cannot be used in every patient, the expectations of the patients are very different, post-operative recovery Many reasons make this surgery difficult, such as the differences in the process of treatment according to the patients.
The first condition to overcome all these difficulties is patient-doctor harmony. It is very important for the Plastic Surgeon to understand his/her doctor as well as the patient’s understanding of his/her patient. For this reason, there should be at least two or more interviews before the Rhinoplasty surgery. In these interviews, computer simulation studies can be done, and at the same time, showing the noses that the patient likes to the doctor may be useful in terms of understanding the patient’s expectations.
The patient who will have nose surgery should not rush this surgery. He should openly explain all his complaints to his doctor over and over again. If there is a previous surgery, nasal curvature, septoplasty for breathing, nasal concha surgeries, etc. In non-surgical rhinoplasty, procedures such as nasal filling applications and suspending methods should be specified. Patients who have not had nose surgery before are primary, and patients who have undergone surgery are secondary, that is, revision rhinoplasty patients. In revision rhinoplasty patients, it may sometimes be necessary to take cartilage grafts from the rib or ear. Before deciding on Rhinoplasty surgery, patients should definitely interview more than one surgeon and should not only focus on price while doing research. (that is, the doctor who gives a very high price should not get the impression that the doctor who gives a very high price is very good, and the doctor who gives a lower price is less good) Rhinoplasty Prices vary considerably.


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What to do before rhinoplasty surgery?

The nose is an organ where capillaries are very dense. As a result, medications and medicines that constrict the arteries are given before the nasal surgery begins. This allows the procedure to be performed without the blood. However, bleeding after rhinoplasty is a possible condition. A very controlled surgery is applied so that there is no bleeding. Here are a few things that the patient should be aware of. Before this surgery, drugs with blood thinners (especially aspirin) and nutritional supplements should not be used. Do not use aspirin, painkillers, hormone drugs and flu drugs.

Is there a list of products that should not be used before surgery?

Do not use the following products 1 month before your surgery date: fish oil, flaxseed, products containing omega 3, ginseng, garlic, ginger, or vitamin E. There is no problem with other vitamins (A, B, C, D). Apart from that, mixed herbal teas, legumes, broccoli, milk etc. Gas-producing foods such as gas should not be consumed excessively. In order to prevent and reduce oedema and swelling, it is necessary to stay away from mineral water with high sodium and foods with high salt content such as pickles. Avoid blue, red and purple vegetables and fruits.

Are blood tests done before surgery?

You come for surgery 3 days before your surgery. EKG, chest X-ray and blood tests are performed, which can also show bleeding disorders. If you have had an operation before and your bleeding is more than normal, or if your bleeding lasts longer than normal when you have a cut, you should warn your doctor about this.

Can I have nose surgery during my period?

Bleeding, swelling and bruising are more common during menstruation, as the narrowing properties of nasal capillaries are reduced due to oedema. In addition, women are more sensitive and stressed during this period.

What should be done the day before the operation?

Take a shower the day before the surgery and wash your face with an antibacterial soap. Do not wear make-up and nail polish while coming to the surgery. Your psychology on the day of surgery is very important. Patients who are not stressed get through this process very easy. The patient who sleeps comfortably wakes up comfortably.

What to Do Before Rhinoplasty Surgery

What are the Rhinoplasty techniques?

Closed Technique Nose Surgery: In Closed Technique Nose Aesthetics, the incisions are located inside the nostrils. In surgeries performed with this technique, the surgical field of view is more limited and there is no visible scar. In addition, the recovery period is much shorter than Open Technique Nose Aesthetics.
Open Technique Nose Surgery: Open Technique Nose Aesthetics is performed by making a small incision under the nostrils. The open incision creates a field of view for the surgical procedure. The procedures applied in bone and cartilage tissue are the same as Closed Technique Nose Aesthetics. It is more preferred in patients with advanced deformation or previous aesthetic operations. The advantage of Open Technique Nose Aesthetics is that it provides a surgical field of view and application capacity. The disadvantage is that oedema and bruises that will occur at the tip of the nose have a longer recovery time compared to the Closed Technique Nose Aesthetics.


What to Do Before Rhinoplasty Surgery  Summary (Price, Duration Time, Hospitalization)

Operation Number 1 Time to return to work 3-4 days
Operation Time 1-3 hours Recovery 3-4 weeks
Anaesthesia General Anesthesia Persistence of Results Permanent
Sensitivity Time 3-4 days Hospital Stay 1 night
Price EUR 3200