Penis Enlargement in Turkey

Penis enlargement is a surgical technique aimed to expand the size of a human penis. A few techniques expect to increase total length, others work on the shaft’s girth, but others the glans size. Penis enlargement in Turkey is an article that aims to give you all the information you do not know about Penis Enlargement and its process. We kindly shared the main headings with you;

  • Penis Enlargement Surgery 
  • What are the penis surgery methods?
  • Recovery time for penis enlargement
  • Why choose turkey for penis enlargement?
  • What is the success rate of penis enlargement?
  • Correcting Penis Curvature
  • How Long Does the Effect of Penis Enlargement Last?
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Penis enlargement Surgery
  • Penis enlargement in Turkey Summary (Price, Duration Time, Hospitalization)

Penis Enlargement Surgery 

Phalloplasty, otherwise called penoplasty or penile augmentation, is a plastic surgery procedure to extend the size, length or girth of the penis for all time. Men may look for penis enlargement for various reasons, including both physical and mental fulfillment.

Most patients who go through penile extension medical procedure not just have brings about increase in self-confidence yet, in addition, conquer issues, for example, uneasiness or impotency that have been brought about by instabilities about their penis size. Different sorts of strategy that can prompt penis augmentation, including clinical treatment just as a medical procedure.

Various sorts of surgical techniques are additionally accessible for penis enlargement. The medical procedure is performed by a prepared plastic surgeon or urologist. They may utilize regular additions to embed human tissue into the penis area and afterward tailor it to the size and state of the patient’s penis shape.

Penoplasty can be performed on an outpatient premise, yet most specialists suggest an overnight stay. The medical procedure may last from 45 minutes to 60 minutes, contingent upon the sort of system and strategy utilized. The medical procedure is for the most part performed with general or sedation anesthesia. The patient will actually want to see an increment in the size of their penis (length and girth), when limp and erect, following the medical procedure.

Despite the fact that men ordinarily look for stretching of the penis shaft, penis enlargement surgery can be utilized to extend just as protract the penis with only one surgery as a rule. Like every single surgery, there are risks and complications implied in penis enhancement surgery.


What are the penis surgery methods?

Penis girth surgery: This sort of procedure aims to expand the thickness of the penis when in a flaccid and erect state. The surgery to enhance the penile girth, by and large, includes a little liposuction technique which is done to harvest fat from other parts of the body – commonly the abdomen, thigh, or buttock. Before infusing the fat, it is cleansed through a framework to improve the nature of the fat. Then, at that point, the fat is disseminated along the shaft of the penis to build its thickness. Some studies have reported that an increase in girth of around 1.4 cm to 4 cm can be accomplished with this procedure. The complications that can conceivably happen with this procedure incorporate penile disfigurement, scarring, lumpiness, and infection. Another method, called Dermal Substitute Material is additionally utilized for girth enlargement. Considered a protected and permanent material that can be customized for the size of the dermal graft.

Penis length surgery: This procedure centers around expanding the length of the flaccid penis (an average of 2 cm). However, it is rare to have change in the size of the erect penis. In this surgery, the ligament through which the penis is joined to the pubic bone, is cut. Then, at that point, the surgeon plays out a skin join at the foundation of the penis which enables the additional length. The ‘cutting the ligament’ procedure is viewed as the most secure technique for extending. Albeit, significant changes in the erected state can’t be accomplished, the girth and glans enlargement procedure can cover up the benefit for enlargement.

Liposuction: It is a surgery wherein fat from below the abdomen is taken out which uncovers up to 2 cm of the penis. This can profit large individuals who have significant abdominal fat that makes the penis be covered. Expulsion of overabundance fat from around the pubic region can cause a somewhat covered penis to show up more noticeable. In any case, the fat will get back to the pubic region and again cover the penis, if the man gains weight after the medical procedure.

Penuma implant: This is an FDA-supported device that can be embedded under the penis skin to cause it to show up longer and more extensive. The bow molded gadget is made of clinical evaluation silicone. It is typically accessible in three sizes: enormous, extra-huge, and extra-extra-huge. The decision of the size and the plan of the gadget will be made to fit the patient’s penis shape. During the procedure, the surgeon cut in the crotch region – simply over the foundation of the penis, and in addition the Penuma. The gadget then, at that point extends the skin and tissues of the penis to cause it to show up and to feel bigger. On the off chance that the patient isn’t now circumcised, it should be done before the procedure.

Recovery time for penis enlargement

Penis enlargement recovery is frequently perhaps the most disturbing viewpoint for patients thinking about penile implant surgery. Fortunately, recuperation is frequently faster and less agonizing than most patients dread. Penis enlargement recovery time will change between patients, with expanding and discomfort improving for some patients faster than others.

  •  By and large, following a penis enlargement surgery, patients will need around one to about fourteen days of recuperation time. The incision should heal within the first 5 days following a medical procedure.
  • Swelling and discomfort will improve drastically during the primary week. Penis enlargement surgery recovery can be improved with basic estimates began in the prompt postoperative period, for example, elevating the scrotum and using ice to decrease swelling.
  • Patients ought to make certain to not put the ice straightforwardly on the scrotum or penis as this may cause skin harm and frostbite. Raising the scrotum can be performed utilizing an old hand towel or shirt that is tucked between the legs.
  • Using supportive underwear or a jockstrap, keeping the penis aimed toward the naval, and limiting any thorough action for about fourteen days after the strategy will likewise accelerate penis augmentation recuperation. For the initial fourteen days following a medical procedure, patients ought not to do any heavy lifting or strenuous activity.
  • All sexual activity should be avoided for at least six weeks after surgery

penis enlargement surgery

Why choose turkey for penis enlargement?

As indicated by the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council, more than 750,000 inbound patients from 144 nations pick Turkey for clinical benefit yearly. The prevalence of penis enlargemnet in Turkey is additionally rising. Here are the reasons why men from all over the world prefer Turkey for penis enlargement:

  • Technologically advanced hospitals: Beginning from 2003, the Turkish Ministry of Health dispatched the Program for Health Support Sector Transformation to expand the financing into the area and improve the nature of medical care. This drive gave an outcome, these days in excess of 50 clinical focuses in Turkey are JCI (Joint Commission International) authorize. This is an affirmation that the clinic keeps the severe world’s norms in medication. At present, Turkish medical clinics have accomplished the degree of top offices in the USA, Europe, Asia. The hardware is revamped each 1-3 years to give precise operations. Because of this, men who need to get penis growth in Turkey can make certain of its great.
  • Affordable prices: The local government does all that could be within reach to make Turkey a top objective for clinical the travel industry on the planet offering a high-level degree of medication at moderate costs. In addition, the overall value strategy inside the nation isn’t high — convenience, dinners, transport are quite inexpensive in Turkey. Therefore, the costs for clinical benefits in Turkey (including for a Penis enlargement) are 4-5 times lower than in the USA, and 2-3 times than in Germany, Austria, Spain, South Korea, or Israel.
  • Experienced doctors: One more motivation to get a forehead lift in Turkey is really the master specialists and clinical staff that work in the emergency clinic serving global travelers consistently have polished in the US, and European clinical offices to trade the experience and apply the most current advancements. Additionally, numerous Turkish plastic surgeons are individuals from global associations like the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) which accumulates top experts from over the world.
  • Extra services: Turkey is a client well-disposed country. Nearby centers for plastic medical procedures offer a wide scope of extra administrations free of charge. For example, accommodation, transfer at the airport, language assistance are already included in the penis enlargement price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liposuction

What is the success rate of penis enlargement?

The success rate of penis enlargement surgery is high. Most side effects or complications are claimed to result from people’s failure to follow post-operative care instructions.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported a surgical study evaluation of 400 men who underwent the Penuma procedure. The study found that 81 percent rated their satisfaction with their results as at least “high” or “very high.”

A small number of subjects experienced complications such as seroma, scarring and infection. 3 percent had to remove the devices because of problems following the procedure.

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Correcting Penis Curvature

Penis curvatures may occur congenitally or may occur as a result of faulty circumcision, previous trauma, or surgery. The penis is bent to one side while it should normally be in a straight direction during an erection. In the erection position, the curvature of the penis and the diagnosis are made clearly. The existing problem can be corrected with penile curvature surgeries. Penile curvatures can be anterior, posterior or lateral. Patients may have difficulty during sexual intercourse and feel pain.

In the surgery, plication is made to the opposite side of the curvature of the penis by entering through the circumcision incision. In this way, the direction of the penis is corrected. It should be observed at the time of the operation whether the operation is successful or not by providing an artificial erection during the operation. If there is no excessive curvature, a shortening of the penis size does not occur. Patients with severe curvatures may experience a slight shortening after surgery.

How Long Does the Effect of Penis Enlargement Last?
The procedure will remain effective for 2-4 years. This period mainly depends on the metabolism of the patient. However, it should not be forgotten that even after the effects of the penis begin to decrease, it will not return to its original state. 40% of the injected adipose tissue will adhere to the surrounding tissue and remain there.

If the patient wants to repeat the procedure, the result will be even more permanent. If the patient is not satisfied, we think that the temporary nature of the procedure may be an advantage, as the situation will resolve spontaneously. Penis enlargement is one of the more successful plastic surgeries because it is reversible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Penis enlargement Surgery

How Many cm Does the Penis Extend After Penis Enlargement Surgery?

After the penis enlargement surgery, maximum lengthening of 3-4 cm is achieved, the numbers above this are not realistic. Since the surgery is combined with penile thickening, the thickness of the penis will increase significantly. There is no limit to this. Therefore, both the increase in thickness and the change in length will cause the penis to appear larger and larger. If the penis enlargement surgery is repeated, the penis will become thicker and larger again. Therefore, while there is a certain limit in height, there is no limit in transverse growth.

Is There Any Loss Of Sensation In Penis Enlargement Surgery?

After the penis enlargement surgery, there is absolutely no change in the feeling, it continues in the same way as it was before.

Is There Any Loss Of Erection In Penis-Lengthening Thickening Surgery?

There is absolutely no loss of erection (hardening) after penis lengthening surgery.

Does Fat Slip Elsewhere in Penis Enlargement Surgery?

After fat injection into the penis, it is definitely not possible for the fat to go to the scrotum (bags), the fat cannot go to another area, only swelling can cause temporary enlargement of the bag.

Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Prevent Premature Ejaculation?

Penis enlargement surgery does not prevent or delay premature ejaculation. It has nothing to do with this issue. Temporary filling is applied to the head of the penis to prevent premature ejaculation.

Can Fat Be Injected Per Penis For Penis Enlargement?

Penis enlargement surgeries are performed all around the body of the penis. There is a permanent growth in the penis, but fat injection can not be made to the glans penis. This area is already a self-expanding area during erection, there is no need to enlarge the glans penis by surgery.We offer advanced expertise, tailored treatment plans, and compassionate care, every step of the way. Choose us, and choose a future where health isn’t just a destination, but a vibrant, empowered journey you take with trusted companions by your side.


Penis enlargement in Turkey Summary (Price, Duration Time, Hospitalization)

Operation Number 1 Time to return work 2 weeks
Operation Time 1-2 hours Recovery 6 weeks
Anestezi yes Persistence of Results Permanent
Sensitivity Time 5 days Hospital Stay 1 day
Price EUR 3000- EUR 4000




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