Neck Lift Surgery in Turkey

Neck lift surgery in Turkey

Neck lift surgery in Turkey is an article that aims to give you all the information you do not know about Neck Lift Surgery in Turkey and its process. We kindly shared the main headings with you;

It is an aesthetic method that is frequently used today and preferred by both men and women. We kindly shared the main headings with you;

  • What is Neck Lift Surgery?
  • Who is Candidate for Neck Lift Surgery in Turkey?
  • Preparation Before Neck Lift Surgery
  • How is Neck Lift Surgery Performed?
  • Postoperative Period
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Neck Lift Surgery in Turkey
  • Start Your Veneers Journey Now
  • Neck Lift Surgery in Turkey and Treatment Summary (Cost, Duration, Hospital Stay, etc..)


What is Neck Lift Surgery?

Neck lift surgery is a surgical procedure in which the entire neck skin and subcutaneous fat and muscle tissues are stretched and excess tissues are removed, in order to correct wrinkles, sagging and loosening in the neck area.

Neck lift surgery can be performed alone or combined with face lift, blepharoplasty, facial fat injection, botox and filler applications if needed. In this way, it is possible to achieve more successful results.We offer advanced expertise, tailored treatment plans, and compassionate care, every step of the way. Choose us, and choose a future where health isn’t just a destination, but a vibrant, empowered journey you take with trusted companions by your side.


Who is Candidate for Neck Lift Surgery in Turkey?

Under the influence of various factors such as genetic factors, gravity, environmental conditions, smoking, frequent weight gain and loss, age and stress, the young and healthy appearance of the face and neck disappears over time, resulting in sagging of the skin and subcutaneous soft tissues, loss of elasticity and volume, and wrinkles. Neck lift surgeries help create a tighter, smoother and more elegant appearance for the neck and chin. Even if no other changes are made to the face area, stretching a wrinkled or sagging neck can dramatically improve one’s appearance; it also helps the patient to look younger. A neck lift helps to restore the balance of facial features by providing a better jawline that frames the rest of the face.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liposuction


Preparation Before Neck Lift Surgery

As before any surgery, a detailed physical examination by the physician is essential in neck lift surgery. The surgical technique will be explained to the person in detail by the physician. In addition, patients should inform their doctor about the disease they have, the previous surgery, and the medications they use.

People who use blood thinners and similar drugs before the surgery should take a break from these drugs for a certain period of time under the doctor’s control in order to encounter problems such as bleeding during and after the surgery.

As in any operation that requires anesthesia, feeding should be interrupted at least 6 hours before the operation. The doctor will tell the person how long this period will be before and after the surgery.

In neck and face lift surgeries, the upper age limit is determined by the person’s suitability for surgery. Anyone who does not have any health problems that prevent surgery can have this surgery.

Since smoking before and after surgery will impair blood flow, it negatively affects the quality of recovery. For this reason, not drinking before and after the procedure is very important in terms of healing quality.


How is Neck Lift Surgery Performed?

The procedure is performed in the operating room under general anesthesia in 3-5 hours on average. Neck lift surgery is performed with incisions starting from the front of the ear, under the earlobe, behind the ear, and then moving into the scalp or incisions made under the chin. Loose and reticulated structures and muscle tissue under the skin and on the muscle tissue are also tightened by intervening, the skin is stretched to remove excess and reshaped. In this way, a certain tension is created not only in the neck but also in the face area. In order to prevent blood accumulation in the surgical field, plastic pipes called tiny drains are placed.

The neck area can also appear drooping due to excessive lubrication of the jowl. The jowl liposuction procedure performed on the jowl area at a young age will lead to significant changes in the appearance of the neck area.


Postoperative Period

4-6 hours after the operation, the patient begins to feed and walk. The drains placed during the surgery are usually removed after 1-2 days. The bandages made after the surgery stay for an estimated one week. After the surgery, there may be mild pain that can be managed with painkillers.

The healing process of bruises and swellings after surgery is very related to the skin structure of the person. It generally lasts for 1 week, then gradually decreases and disappears. In order for the swelling to go down more quickly, ice should be applied for the time recommended by the doctor.

Since the scars will be hidden in front and behind the ear after the surgery, they are not very obvious. It becomes almost invisible in a period of 6-12 months.

It is very important to follow the doctor’s recommendations regarding the drugs to be used after the procedure.




Frequently Asked Questions About Neck Lift Surgery in Turkey

How Long Does Neck Lift Surgery Perform With Which Anesthesia Type?

Neck lift surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia depending on the patient’s preference. In local anesthesia, the patient will not feel any pain as he is kept in a semi-asleep state.

The surgery usually takes 3-5 hours, depending on the amount of stretching and other procedures to be performed.

How soon will I recover and return to my normal life?

You can return to work life within 1 week – 10 days after neck lift surgery. The bruising and swelling will disappear within 1 week. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, especially in the first 10 days after surgery. You can start long walks after 2 weeks and heavy sports after 3 weeks. During the first 4 weeks after the operation, sports that will force the neck should not be done.

Is There Any Scar After Neck Lift Surgery?

There will be no permanent and visually disturbing scars after neck lift surgery. Here, the scars will be hidden behind the scalp and ears or under the chin. The traces visible here are only in front of the ear and are very short and will lose their visibility significantly over time.

What Are the Risks of Neck Lift Surgery?

In neck lift surgery, there are risks arising from anesthesia and surgery, as in any surgical operation. Preoperative analysis and anesthesia examinations are very important in order to prevent possible risks.

The risk of bleeding after surgery is not something to be expected. However, small drains are placed behind the ears during the surgery in order to prevent the risk of hematoma.

In addition, there are rare risks such as infection, hair loss, numbness of the scalp. However, over time, the hair will grow back and the loss of sensation will disappear.

Does it require a hospital stay?

Contrary to popular belief, neck lift is not a heavy operation. In cases where neck lift surgery is performed alone, the patient can be discharged after resting for a certain period of time. However, if this procedure is accompanied by jowl, face lift or other body surgeries, it is best for the person to stay in the hospital environment for at least one night. The length of stay in the hospital will be determined by the patient’s condition and the doctor’s evaluation after the surgery.

What are the Methods Used in Neck Lift?

In the classical neck stretching technique, an incision is made from the front of the ear to the back of the ear, and the skin and subcutaneous tissues in the neck region and the muscle called Smas and plastyma, which have sagged downwards as a result of aging, are hanged up again. Then the sagging skin is removed after the tissues are repaired.

If there is an excess of fat under the chin only in the jowl area, since this causes the neck to appear drooping, then this excess fat under the skin is removed by liposuction without any incision and the saggy tissue in that area is slightly corrected.

Which Operations Can Be Combined with Neck Lift Surgery?

Since the neck area generally sags due to age, some sagging may be seen in the jowl and face area with age. For this reason, neck lift surgery can be performed alone, or it can usually be combined with other face and body lift operations.

How Many Days Do You Need to Stay in the Hospital After Neck Lift Surgery?

Neck lift is an operation that does not require a one-day stay in the hospital when it is performed under general anesthesia, and when it is performed under local anaesthesias.

Who Is Neck Lift Surgery Performed? Is There an Age Limit for the Procedure?

Neck lift surgery is usually performed together with face lift surgery. However, in patients who do not have excessive sagging in the face area, this surgery can be performed alone if they only complain about the neck area. People who have piles on the edges of the chin, lubrication on the neck and sagging of the neck skin are suitable candidates for these procedures. It is usually performed over the age of 40.

How Long Does Neck Lift Surgery Take?

Neck lift surgery alone takes 3-5 hours. The procedures to be added to the neck lift surgery also prolong the duration of this surgery.

Is the Result of Neck Lift Surgery Permanent?

The aging process continues after neck lift surgery. Although the skin is stretched as best as possible during the surgery, the aging process cannot be prevented. However, the skin does not return to its pre-operative state. The permanence of this surgery varies depending on the techniques used and the skin structure of the patient.

Is Neck Lift Surgery a Painful Procedure?

The procedure is almost painless in the slings used in liposuction and neck lift. In this regard, pain is also related to the pain threshold of the person. After the face and neck lift procedures, although the feeling of pain and tension may last for the first few days, this process can be easily overcome with painkillers. This will pass in a few days.

What Happens After Neck Lift Surgery?

Patients are usually discharged the next day after surgery. The person can take a shower 2 days after the surgery. It does not need to be removed as disappearable stitches are used. Post-operative swelling and bruises almost disappear within 10 days.


What are the risks of neck lift surgery?

  • Bleeding: Although rare, bleeding may occur during or after the neck lift operation. If bleeding occurs after the operation, emergency drainage treatment or blood transfusion may be required. Since they increase the risk of bleeding, the use of aspirin and similar drugs should be stopped ten days before the operation. Hypertension that is not under medical control can also cause bleeding during or after the operation. Bleeding under the skin can delay healing and cause bad scarring.
  • Infection: Infection is usually not expected after this surgery. In rare cases, additional antibiotic therapy or surgical intervention may be required if infection develops.
  • Scarring: Although a good wound healing is expected after surgical intervention, scars may occur due to some genetic features, infection or skin loss in smokers. Additional treatments may be required for these scars.
  • Nerve damage: Motor and sensory nerves may be damaged during the facelift operation. There may be weakness or loss of facial movements after facelift surgery. Nerve damage can cause temporary or permanent loss of facial movements and sensation. This type of damage can heal over time. Damage to the sensory nerves of the face, neck, and ear area can cause temporary or permanent numbness. Painful nerve is very rare.
  • Hair loss: There may be hair loss in the areas where the skin is pulled up during the surgery. Whether this will happen or not is unpredictable.
  • Long-term effects: There may be subsequent changes in the face as a result of aging, weight gain or loss, exposure to the sun, and some other conditions. Facelift surgery does not stop aging, nor does it permanently tighten the face and neck. New surgeries and treatments may be required in the future to preserve the results of neck lift surgery.

Start Your Neck Lift Surgery in Turkey Journey Now

While neck lift surgery costs can be expensive, they can be beneficial when being younger makes you happier. It is wise to invest in a trained surgeon and it is important to understand that costs can vary. When you can calculate the neck lift surgery in Turkey for a beautiful neck, you will be better prepared for appearance.


Neck Lift Surgery in Turkey

Treatment Summary

Operation Number1 sessionTime to return to work7-10 days
Operation Time
1 day
Recovery1 day
AnesthesiaLocal anesthesiaPersistence of ResultsPermanent
Sensitivity TimeOnly in operation timeHospital Stay1 Night
Package PriceEUR 2450 and see more packages