Male Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Male Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Male Rhinoplasty in Turkey is an article that aims to give you all the information you do not know about Male Rhinoplasty in Turkey and more. We kindly shared the main headings with you;

  • Male Rhinoplasty
  • Reasons for Rhinoplasty
  • Who Gets Rhinoplasty Surgery?
  • Why Do Men Need Nose Aesthetics?
  • Nose Aesthetics Design for Men
  • What distinctions exist between rhinoplasty for men and women?
  • How is Male Nose Aesthetics Performed?
  • Open and Closed Rhinoplasty Applications
  • What Should Be Considered Before Having Nose Aesthetics?
  • Recovery After Rhinoplasty in Men
  • Considerations After Nose Aesthetics

Male Rhinoplasty

Male rhinoplasty, which is frequently requested in Turkey and around the world, is divided into types according to nasal structures and complaints. Some surgical interventions are performed to eliminate health problems such as sleep apnea and difficulty breathing. Some men may also apply for rhinoplasty due to aesthetic concerns.

Male Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Although it is known that the rate of women applying to aesthetic surgeries is intensely interested, men have also applied to many aesthetic applications in recent years. Many men especially apply to rhinoplasty applications.

The nose is functionally very important. It is of great importance in providing nasal breathing and in the sense of smell. The nose is of great importance aesthetically as well as its functional properties. Since it is in the middle of the human face, the first point that catches the eye is the nose. Therefore, any deformity in the nose can change the whole expression of a person.

The reasons for applying for rhinoplasty can be listed as follows;

  • Nose size
  • Low nose tip
  • small nose
  • the curvature of the nose
  • Large nose wings
  • Having large nostrils
  • The prominence of the nasal arch

Each of the above deformities can be corrected by rhinoplasty. However, it should not be forgotten that the protection of nasal functions should be a priority before aesthetic concerns.

Who Gets Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Nasal aesthetics is performed to eliminate deformities that occur in the nose after various accidents and traumas. Special surgical interventions are available for those with an arched nose structure. It is also possible to achieve successful results in cases where the tip of the nose is low and disproportionate to the general face. Asymmetrical noses are equalized, giving a much more proportional appearance. Reducing the nostrils is also among the last options.

Why Do Men Need Nose Aesthetics?

Rhinoplasty can be done to anyone over the age of 18 who is not satisfied with the shape of their nose. Deformation in the shape of the nose can be experienced due to various traumatic reasons. In this case, the nose shape can be given a natural and aesthetic appearance with rhinoplasty. Acquired nose shape is more common in men due to heavy sports and much more active childhood. At the same time, nasal aesthetic surgery may be needed in men in cases such as genetic factors, the shape of the nose is larger or smaller than the face and other organs on the face, and the nasal arch is protruding.

Rhinoplasty in men requires a much more difficult operation process than in women. This is because of the danger of achieving a feminine appearance. Of course, surgeons who practice rhinoplasty today have generally created nose designs for women. It is more difficult to create a nose design in men and to create a qualified proportion of the nose with other organs.

Nose Aesthetics Design for Men

Male Rhinoplasty in Turkey is an aesthetic application that has been at the centre of attention for men in recent years. However, although many men are not satisfied with their nose shape, they are afraid of achieving a feminine appearance after plastic surgery.

Nose design is done in a personalized way before rhinoplasty surgery. The processes of clearly determining the desired nose design, deciding on the procedures to be applied to achieve the nose design and determining the problems that prevent or restrict the nose functions in the nose are experienced by everyone, men and women.

Rhinoplasty design in men; should be made in the shape of a natural nose. In this case, it should not be too small compared to the face, the tip of the nose should not be lifted and the deformations in the nose shape should be eliminated naturally with minimal touches.

What distinctions exist between rhinoplasty for men and women?

Rhinoplasty is the most common plastic surgery performed on men, despite the fact that it is typically associated with women. Rhinoplasty surgery is very important for both sexes, and a vulgar result that is feminine in men and masculine in women should be avoided.

Men’s noses are thicker than women’s. Bone and cartilage structures are thicker. The nasal bridge is wider; the forehead-nose junction is higher. The angle between the tip of the nose and the lip is narrower than that of women, and the nose lines are more pronounced. While the nose is a prominent structure on the face in men, it is an undesirable structure to be prominent in women.

How is Male Nose Aesthetics Performed?

One of the most important issues in male rhinoplasty in Turkey is that the aesthetic application after the operation does not come to the fore too much. In other words, one of the most important requirements is to seem natural. To get a natural look, it is sufficient to correct the nose’s current asymmetry of form issues.

Male Rhinoplasty in Turkey

In addition to these, the fact that the male nose is not excessively raised is among the things that should be considered. The fact that it conjures up femininity is the main justification for this. This often does not provide males with a good appearance, and undesired issues might arise. In addition, instead of a hollow nose, a slightly arched nose helps to create an ideal face line. At the same time, care is made not to have an extremely thin nose structure following the procedure. This situation causes the aesthetics performed in men with very large bones to be clearly understood, and the nose structure is not very compatible with the facial features.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that men’s noses are not pointed after aesthetic applications. Because men’s skin is both thick and oily, it is best to avoid a thin nose structure. Of course, if there are respiratory complaints, it is important that they are resolved after the operation.

Open and Closed Rhinoplasty Applications

Two different techniques are applied in rhinoplasty surgery for Male Rhinoplasty in Turkey. These are open and closed techniques. Each of them contains different applications in itself and the most used method is closed rhinoplasty.

Open nose aesthetics:

Nasal aesthetic applications with the open technique are generally applied in the presence of curvature, deformities, excessive shifts and nasal arch in the cartilage tissue of the nose. In addition, in cases where the first operation is unsuccessful, rhinoplasty is performed with the open technique. While applying the technique, the structural problem in the nose is clearly determined, and then necessary studies are carried out to get the best results. In addition, in open rhinoplasty, the nose is cut in a V shape. In this way, bone symmetry and cartilage tissue enter directly into the field of view.

Closed rhinoplasty:

Closed rhinoplasty is an aesthetic application that is applied entirely from the inside of the nose. No incisions are made during this application and there is no need for any stitches. In addition, the healing process is faster than the rhinoplasty performed with the open technique. During the application, a certain amount of damage occurs to the skin and soft tissue. However, it is a very preferred method for nose tip lifting and nose wings, especially for the nose belt.

What Should Be Considered Before Having Nose Aesthetics?

There are some issues that men should pay attention to before rhinoplasty, as in women. Paying attention to these issues can affect the results of the operation and the issues that should not be ignored are as follows;

  • Regular sleep is important before the operation.
  • In addition, the drugs used before the operation should be reported to the aesthetic specialist.
  • Aspirin, weight-loss drugs or drugs containing vitamins should be stopped 2 weeks before the operation.
  • Likewise, the use of alcohol and cigarettes should be stopped 2 weeks ago.
  • Before the operation, any food should not be consumed, provided that it is included in the water.

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Recovery After Rhinoplasty in Men

After Male Rhinoplasty in Turkey under general anaesthesia, the patient is first taken to the recovery room, and after the operation, silicone pads are placed on the nose. Silicone pads, which have a perforated structure, help patients breathe. In addition, pads that collect the flowing blood are used for leaks that may occur in the nose at night after the surgery. It is normal to feel pain or soreness for the first few days. In such cases, it is sufficient to use painkillers given by a specialist physician.

On the other hand, the nose should be washed with salt water at certain intervals. It is recommended to use at least 2 pillows during sleep and to keep the head in a high position all the time. It is necessary to protect the nose against hard blows until the healing process is completed. At the end of the 3rd week, light exercises can be started, but it is important not to lift a weight over 2 kg. In addition, aspirin or similar blood thinners should never be used.

Heavy exercises can be started after 1 month at the earliest. During this period, bruises and swellings are greatly reduced. After the operation, alcohol and cigarette use should also be stopped or suspended for a certain period of time. The healing process is completed in approximately 2 to 3 months and the actual image of the nose is fully revealed. Surgical scars become completely invisible and as a result, an aesthetic nose structure occurs.

Considerations After Nose Aesthetics

It is essential to protect the nose area from various risks after aesthetic and surgical interventions. These include contact sports. During the first month, all kinds of sports activities that may harm the nose area should be avoided. It is also forbidden to enter the sea and the pool during the first two weeks. The painkillers given should be taken at periodic intervals and the doctors performing the operation should be contacted in case of any problem. After the dressings are loosened, patients can return to their old social lives without any difficulty.

 Summary (Price, Duration Time, Hospitalization)

Operation Number 1 Time to return to work 3-4 days
Operation Time 1-3 hours Recovery 3-4 weeks
Anaesthesia General Anesthesia Persistence of Results Permanent
Sensitivity Time 3-4 days Hospital Stay 1 night
Price EUR 3000


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