Lip Fillers Vs Lip Lift

Lip Fillers Vs Lip Lift

Lip fillers vs lip lift is an article that aims to give you all the information you do not know about lip filler vs lip lift and more. We kindly shared the main headings with you;

What is Lip Filling?

Lip filling; It’s the process of injecting dermal paddings into and around the inner part of the lips, to shape the lip structure or to add volume to the lips. The filler used during this procedure, which is an aesthetic intervention, is hyaluronic acid, which is known for giving volume to the skin. Hyaluronic acid, which keeps the skin smooth while repairing the scars, is in harmony with the lip tissue. This system, applied with hyaluronic acid, shows itself as the most natural lip filling operation among lip aesthetic styles.

What are the Types of Lip Fillers?

Types of lip fillers are divided into two as temporary and permanent lip fillers. In addition, these kinds have different names depending on the shape asked to be given to the lips. In lip enlargment, silicone treatment is applied to the lips. Different paddings can be used in temporary lip addition. Still, the most favored stuffing material is hyaluronic acid.

We can list the types of lip fillers with different names as follows:

Aphrodite Type Lip Filling: This type of lip filling takes its name from the beauty goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite type lips stand out as aesthetic and seductive lips with a fuller appearance. When applying this type of lip addition, first of all, the facial features and facial structure of the person are taken into account. While doing this, it’s aimed that the lips fit the face and are completely compatible.

Hera Type Lip Filling: This type of lip augmentation takes its name from Hera, the goddess of marriage. A more symmetrical, lively and fuller lip structure is obtained with Hera type lip augmentation. This type of lip augmentation is made by considering the facial features of the person and the golden ratio.

Venus Type Lip Filling: This type of lip augmentation takes its name from Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Venus type lip addition aims for a more natural and simple appearance compared to Aphrodite and Hera type lip addition. Again, this lip addition, which is made by considering the golden rate computations of the face, provides individualities with a thin face structure to have a more natural and aesthetic appearance.

Eros Type Lip Filling: This type of lip filling takes its name from the god of love, Eros. The aim of Eros type lip augmentation is to make the line called Eros arc in the upper part of the upper lip curve outward to give it a more prominent and fuller appearance.

Why is Lip Filling Applied? Who Cannot Have Lip Filling?

With the effect of aging, the amount of collagen, elastin tissue and hyaluronic acid in the skin begins to decrease. Lip augmentation process applied to eliminate this deficiency; It is not suitable for pregnant women, those with inflammatory skin problems and those with cold sores. However, it can be easily applied to anyone other than that. Another reason for the application of lip augmentation is to eliminate the problems of lip sagging, which can also occur with the effect of aging. Apart from these, lip augmentation can be applied to anyone who wants to shape or plump their lips and has symmetry problems on their lips.

How is lip filling done?

Before starting the lip addition process, first of all, the lip shape suitable for the structure of the face is determined. At least half an hour before the operation starts, an anesthetic cream is applied to the lip area so that the procedure can be applied easily. Edging in the padding is done with the help of a veritably fine- sloped needle. This operation, which ends in a short time, is effortless and easy. Lip agumentation isn’t a procedure that’s applied to the same part of the lip in every injection. It’s a procedure applied to the red area on the lower or upper part of the lip or the area given as a figure. After this procedure, which is applied using different ways, the volume of the lips increases in a short time and the lips come clear.

Is lip filler permanent?

In the mind of almost everyone who is considering lip augmentation, “Is lip augmentation temporary?’’  Question marks similar as “ Can we get a endless look after lip fillers? ” Lip aesthetics, which is applied to give the lip structure a full, smooth and emotional appearance, can be performed in different styles and in colorful forms. Lip agumentation applied with natural hyaluronic acid is a veritably dependable and healthy operation. However, lip augmentation is not permanent. Not being permanent is the biggest issue for lip fillers vs lip lift.

What is the process after lip augmentation?

After the lip filler application, you can start to see the effects of the application immediately. Partial bruises and bumps can be seen in the lip area after lip addition. This situation is extremely natural. These bumps generally vanish within a many days at most. Still, although it can occasionally take up to a week, swelling and edema vanish fully within two weeks. Necessary controls are made in 1- 2 weeks after the lip addition process is completed. While these controls are taking place, retouching can be applied if demanded.

What is Lip Lift?

Lip Lift surgery falls under the category of lip augmentation, but more importantly, this practice does not contain fillers. As a result of this operation, you will obtain a more raised upper lip, balance your facial features and gain a more beautiful appearance.

Lip Lift, also known as upper lip lift operation, is a lip augmentation procedure to eliminate the need for lip injections and lip implants. When the Vermillion part (lip part) on the lips is narrow, the upper lip appears thin and the distance between the nose and the lip appears accordingly long. Having large upper lips is also a sign of attractiveness. Women wear lipstick overflowing to make their lips look fuller, bigger and more attractive. Trying to define the lips in this way does not provide a long-term result, and the wrong make-up looks ugly and simple rather than attractive.

In Lip Lift, the upper lip lift surgery, it is aimed to create an angel wing effect on the lips by reducing the Philtrun Ridge distance between the nose and the lip. Lip Lift is an effective and long-term lip augmentation and restructuring procedure that eliminates the need for lip injections and lip implants. Read more to know about lip fillers vs lip lift.

With aging, the fullness and volume of the lips decrease. Lips that experience a decrease in volume and fullness add an old and tired expression to our face. The distance between the upper lip and the nose is getting longer, which causes the upper teeth to appear hanging. In some people, the long and thin upper lip form, which is seen genetically, pushes facial aesthetics to the background rather than bringing it to the fore. Regardless of age, women aim to achieve attractive lips with perfect permanence with the Lip Lift operation. Lip Lift eliminates the costs that require constant payment for applications such as lip prosthesis, lip silicone or filling procedures.

There are four different methods of Lip Lift surgery;

  • Bullhorn lip lift – the most popular technique among people of all ages. It reduces the distance between the upper lip and the nose. As a result, the lips are visibly enlarged and the facial aesthetic ratio is balanced.
  • Corium – a process of enlarging the lips by placing a previously removed piece of skin or scar tissue into the patient’s deeper lip structures.
  • Gullwing lip lift – based on lifting the strip of skin just above the lip. After stitching, the lip looks more voluminous and fuller. It is recommended for patients with very narrow lips.
  • Corner lip lift – lifts the corners of the lips, making the face more cheerful. The skin is removed only from the outer corners of the lips.

Lip Fillers Vs Lip Lift

Lip lift permanent effect;

  • Much more prominent upper lip
  • Proportional and balanced facial features
  • A more aesthetic, symmetrical and youthful face
  • Decreased distance between the upper lip and the nose

Who is the lip lift suitable for?

Lip Lift application is an operation suitable for men and women of all ages. Lip Lift is a suitable operation for people who complain about the thinness of their upper lips, who complain about the long distance between the nose and lips, and who want to lift their lips.

Types of lip lifts

Subnasal Lip Lift can be named differently according to the type of surgical incision made. It is planned which incision will be made according to the desired change in the face of the work.

Direct Lip lift

Direct lip lift, also called lip lift in the form of angel wings, creates a more distinct lip border. A thin strip of skin is removed from the upper lip junction and the skin is pulled upwards, creating a more defined and larger upper lip shape. This procedure typically leaves a scar in the upper lip area, so it is not highly recommended.

 Subnasal Lip lift

It is one of the more common liplift applications made in the form of a subnasal bull horn. Usually, the incision will be hidden along the less visible base of the nose. The incision is usually made in the shape of a bull and the middle, right and left of the lip are pulled together completely towards the nose. The upper lip is curved outward. The scars are hidden at the base of the nose and become invisible over time.

Central Lip lift

A central lip lift is similar to a lip lift done in the form of a subnasal bull horn. With an incision made just below the nose, the distance between the nose and the lips is shortened.

Corner Liplift

Corner lip lift is sometimes called a “grin lift” as it gives the face a more smiling appearance. It is done by making two small incisions at both corners of the mouth and removing a small amount of skin. Some people will take this along with another lip lift to give them fuller lips.

It is an option for people who feel their lip edges are going down.

Italian Lip lift

Italian lip lift requires two incisions below each nostril, much like a bull’s horn. It usually does not involve any visible scarring.

Recovery period in Lip Lift Operation

After the lip lift operation, edema and swelling occur in the upper lip area within the first 72 hours. In this area, which is controlled with cold ice and cold compress applications, swelling decreases over time. Depending on the nature of the surgery, these edema and swelling are considered normal. Pain is controlled with low-dose painkillers against the possibility of pain after the operation. Although the recovery period of Lip Lift surgery varies from person to person, there is a recovery period of 5 to 7 days in general. The sutures placed under the nose are removed 5 days after the operation.

Do I need a Lip Lift application?

The aim of Lip Lift surgery is to bring the upper lip closer to the nose and make it look fuller, attractive and voluminous. With this process, the visibility of the upper teeth and the aesthetic appearance of the lip structure are more visible. Lip Lift is mostly preferred in young patients instead of the artificial appearance created by lip prostheses. In elderly patients, it is aimed to give a fuller appearance by recovering the thinned and decreasing upper lip structure. Male and female patients of all ages can easily benefit from the Lip Lift application.

In the upper lip lift operation, the distance between the upper lip and the nose, also called the mustache area, is removed by cutting the excess skin in order to shorten the vertical length. In Lip Lift surgery, two different techniques are applied to obtain the desired measurement in order to adapt to the face dimensions. First technique; It is the procedure in which a small part of the skin is removed with an incision made in the red part of the upper lip roller. In this procedure, a minimal scar can be left on the patient’s lip. Second technique; It is the process of narrowing the opening up to the lip with a tiny incision made under the nose. In this procedure, where the incision scar remains on the underside of the nose, there is no clear scar after the operation. With this technique, the natural contour line of the upper lip is preserved. The second technique is a more popular application due to the absence of traces.

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What does Lip Lift do?

  • Shortening the distance between the nose and upper lip
  • Improvement and removal of wrinkles on the lips
  • Adding volume and fullness to the lips
  • Decreased need for fillers
  • Upper teeth become more visible
  • Shortening the perceived length of the lips at the lower-mid surface
  • Cupid’s bow, that is, turning the bow line between the two lips upwards
  • Improved balance, symmetry and ratios between the upper and lower face
  • Volume increase in pink and white lips
  • Fine improvement in lip corners



Lip Fillers Vs Lip Lift Summary (Price, Duration Time, Hospitalization)

Operation Number 1 or more Time to return to work After the operation
Operation Time 20 min Recovery 1-2 days
Anaesthesia Local Anaesthesia Persistence of Results 1 year
Sensitivity Time 1-2 days Hospital Stay
Price EUR 1,250 and for information