How Much Is a Brazilian Buttock Lift Cost

How Much Is a Brazilian Buttock Lift Cost

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What is Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL)?

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a treatment that enhances the appearance of your buttocks while also reducing fat from other portions of your body (liposuction). Despite its name, a Brazilian butt lift is not a standard “lift” surgery like a facelift or breast lift. A Brazilian butt lift provides volume and shape to your butt, but it does not address sagging or extra skin. Consult your doctor about a butt lift if you have sagging or extra skin. Brazilian butt lifts are performed by plastic surgeons. This procedure is also called “Buttock augmentation with fat grafting” and “safe subcutaneous buttock augmentation (SSBA)”.

How Much Is a Brazilian Buttock Lift Cost

What is the working mechanism of BBL?

A plastic surgeon will remove fat deposits from other parts of your body and put them into areas surrounding your butt during a Brazilian butt lift. Your buttocks will be larger, stick out more, and have an even shape (symmetrical) when you’ve healed. Body contours (shapes) will be smoother in parts of your body where fat was removed.

Who are the ideal patients?

Before getting a butt lift you should ask yourself,

  • Why am I looking for a Brazilian butt-lift?
  • What are my objectives? 
  • Am I aware of the hazards associated with a Brazilian butt lift, such as fat embolisms?

Getting a Brazilian butt lift is entirely up to you. Pursuing your body’s wants and desires may be quite empowering. You should do the following to be considered for a Brazilian butt lift:

  • You must be at least 18 years old. However, your body is unique, and you may not reach puberty until you are older than 18 years old. The outcome of your Brazilian butt lift treatment may be hampered if you haven’t finished developing. 
  • Be in decent physical condition
  • Have reasonable expectations
  • Have enough extra body fat in other areas of your body to migrate to your buttocks. If you don’t have you may consider getting butt implants.

It’s a frequent misperception that thin ladies can’t get a Brazilian butt lift. Finding enough fat to extract from other parts of the body may be considerably easier than some people believe. Areas such as the lower back and flanks can sometimes have enough fat storage for even very thin women to obtain outstanding BBL results.Invest in your health, invest in a brighter future. Our comprehensive medical programs deliver real results, while you indulge in the beauty and serenity of our destination.

What is the difference between butt implants and BBL?

Although the two processes are commonly confused, there is a significant distinction between them as follows,

  • Butt implants employ silicone implants, whereas BBLs use your own fat obtained from another area of your body. This feature is what distinguishes a BBL treatment from butt implants. Liposuction is used in a Brazilian butt lift to remove excess fat from areas such as the hips, waist, and thighs. This fat is then injected into the buttocks to produce a natural-looking result. 
  • Because your own fat is used in the surgery, you will not experience the restricted movement that can occasionally occur with implants. When it comes to movement, buttock implants can become displaced. If displacement happens, your posterior may not appear to move naturally with the rest of your body.
  • Furthermore, there is a modest risk of capsular contracture with any implant, which is defined by the hardening of the implant due to the creation of scar tissue around it. If buttocks implants cause difficulties, revision surgery is required.

How Much Is a Brazilian Buttock Lift Cost

What to expect before the procedure?

Many aspects, including your mental health and any social conditions, will be evaluated by your healthcare provider. Your general health, including any preexisting health issues or risk factors, will be assessed by your healthcare professional. Inform your doctor about your allergies and any prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medications you’re taking, as well as herbal supplements.

Physical health and body shape are also key considerations. Your doctor will check the following areas to find the optimum location(s) for liposuction fat harvesting:

  • The lower back.
  • Hips.
  • Thighs on the inside.
  • Thighs on the outside. 
  • The presacral triangle is the space between your tailbone, sacrum, and rectum.

What is the procedure?

You’ll be sedated (put under) with general anesthesia during a Brazilian butt lift operation, so you won’t be awake and won’t experience any pain. If only a tiny amount of fat needs to be transferred, you may simply require a local anesthetic. Because local anesthetic only numbs a tiny portion of your body, you will remain aware during the process. Once you’ve been sedated and numbed, your plastic surgeon and their team of medical professionals will:

  • Utilize a suction device connected to a small stainless steel instrument known as a cannula.
  • Make small cuts in your skin and put the cannula into the fatty tissues between your skin and muscle.
  • Using a suction cannula and a big syringe, remove any surplus fat. 
  • A substantial amount of fat is typically required for a Brazilian butt lift — typically 300 ccs to 500 ccs (1 1/3 to 2 1/4 cups) on each side.
  • Purify the fat that has been eliminated.
  • Make three to five tiny incisions in and around your buttocks.
  • Inject the purified fat into the buttock incisions. The higher part of your butt absorbs the majority of the fat, while the middle portion receives less. Instead of your muscle, the refined fat is frequently injected into the hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue).
  • Close your liposuction and fat transfer incisions.

What to expect after the procedure?

Following the Brazilian butt lift treatment, your healthcare professional will put a compression band around the affected areas to stop bleeding. If you are under general anesthesia, your anesthesiologist will stop administering an anesthetic to keep you asleep. You’ll be transferred to a recovery room, where medical personnel will wait for you to awaken and check your overall health.

You may feel bewildered when you wake up, and your affected areas may be sore. For several hours, your healthcare providers will continue to monitor your overall health. When they deem that you no longer require monitoring, they will discharge you (let you return home). You must have a family member or friend drive you home and care for you for the first 24 hours following your Brazilian butt lift operation.

What is the recovery procedure?

Your body may take up to six months to fully recover following your Brazilian butt lift treatment. You may need to eat a high-protein diet at this time to help your body heal. This will assist you in maintaining your new figure. Lower body activities that target your buttocks, such as leg lifts, lunges, and squats, may also be necessary. Throughout your recovery, follow your healthcare provider’s advice on how to manage your pain and suffering.

The first few days following your Brazilian butt lift treatment are sometimes the most uncomfortable. You may experience the followings,

  • Your buttocks could be puffy and bruised.
  • Your wounds may bleed slightly.
  • You may retain fluid in the areas affected.

Some people take either a prescription pain reliever or over-the-counter acetaminophen to control their pain. If you’re taking a prescription pain reliever, you should have a family member or friend assist you because you shouldn’t drive. 

The timeline of healing is as follows,

  • After 1-2 weeks your soreness should subside. You may need to wear a compression garment around the liposuctioned areas. In some circumstances, a temporary drain in the incision may be required to remove excess blood or fluid. You should be able to return to work between 10 and 14 days after your Brazilian butt lift operation, depending on your job. If you normally sit at a desk for long periods of time, it’s best to use a standing desk until you’ve fully recovered.
  • For at least two weeks, you will be unable to sit or lie down on your buttocks. As a result, you must stand rather than sit and sleep on your stomach or sides.
  • After a few weeks, you might be able to sit for brief amounts of time on a specially-made pillow that distributes pressure evenly. 
  • For the next eight weeks, you won’t be able to sit without your pillow. You might be able to do light activities at this time. You should, however, refrain from heavy lifting or intense activity for one month. 
  • After your Brazilian butt lift treatment, your body should fully heal in two to three months. Remember that your body is unique, therefore your healing time may vary. 

How often should the check-ups be?

Make follow-up appointments with your healthcare professional on a regular basis. Your healthcare professional will remove your stitches and examine your incisions after one to two weeks. During this time, your healthcare professional will assess how well your body is recovering and whether you are well enough to sit for brief amounts of time on a customized pillow. You should next follow up with your doctor four to six weeks and three months after your Brazilian butt lift treatment to assess your progress. Your healthcare professional should be able to establish how well your body has responded to the surgery after three months.


Is BBL permanent?

Brazilian butt lifts have a semi-permanent effect. They should last several years and possibly more than a decade without any more treatments. However, as you get older, your body changes, which can alter your results over time. Maintain a steady weight to maintain the effects of your Brazilian butt lift.

What are the advantages of getting a BBL?

When performed by a trained and experienced plastic surgeon, a Brazilian butt lift has numerous advantages such as,

  • The surgery is less risky than other operations, such as silicone butt implants.
  • The effects appear to be natural.
  • The results can be long-lasting.
  • It can increase your self-esteem.
  • Your clothes may be more comfortable or fit better. Therefore, you may consider it if you have figure imbalances that make it difficult to wear clothing comfortably.
  • It can also help with some issues associated with aging, including drooping and shapelessness.
  • Brazilian buttock lifts also have the advantage of being less prone to induce infection than silicone buttock implants. It has a stronger safety profile than other compounds, such as silicone caulking and sealants, which are sometimes illegally injected into buttocks by unlicensed individuals.

What are the possible risks of BBL?

Getting a Brazilian butt lift comes with some dangers, which include:

  • Your butt is composed of blood vessels and nerves. If the cannula comes into contact with any of these structures during surgery, it can cause damage or a fat embolism.
  • Bruising.
  • Infection.
  • Skin discoloration or sensation changes.
  • Swelling or delayed wound healing.
  • To minimize the risk your surgeon may implant more fat the first time.

How Much Is a Brazilian Buttock Lift Cost

Fat Embolism

A foreign item in the bloodstream is known as an embolus. When fat enters the bloodstream, it causes a fat embolism. In many situations, the fat enters minor blood arteries and causes no major consequences. However, it can cause life-threatening complications when it enters larger blood vessels, particularly those leading to the heart or lungs. Fat, for example, that gets to the lungs might trigger a pulmonary embolism. This can make breathing difficult and harm the lungs and other organs.

Understanding the symptoms of fat embolism after BBL can help save a person’s life. If someone has dizziness, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, weakness, or other signs of a fat embolism, they should seek medical assistance right once.

A fat embolism following a BBL usually develops shortly after the operation. They usually appear 48 hours after surgery, however, they can appear immediately. However, the fat might theoretically come loose at any point. This is especially true if the surgery is not performed adequately or if big amounts of fat are implanted deep within the muscle tissue. Even if the procedure was weeks or months ago, anyone experiencing symptoms of an embolism should seek immediate care.

How Much Is a Brazilian Buttock Lift Cost?

You are wondering how much is a Brazilian Buttock Lift cost? The price of a Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey ranges between $3,500 and $7,000. This pricing range is often less expensive than in nations such as the United States or the United Kingdom, making Turkey an appealing location for cosmetic operations. In the United States, for example, the typical cost of a BBL runs from $8,000 to $15,000, which is substantially higher than in Turkey.

Treatment Cost Calculator

Be cautious of “cheap” operations that appear to be too good to be true. Always make research to be sure that your cosmetic surgeon is board-certified. A Brazilian butt lift is not covered by insurance because it is not deemed medically essential. You can work ahead of time with your provider to discover all of the fees involved and to see if they offer payment arrangements. Financing is another possibility. You’ll also need to factor in recovery time away from work, which can last up to a week.

How Much Is a Brazilian Buttock Lift Cost Summary (Price, Duration, Hospitalization)

Operation Number 1 Time to return to work 3-4 weeks
Operation Time 3-4 hours Recovery 6-12 months
Anesthesia General Anaesthesia Persistence of Results Temporary
Sensitivity Time 1-2 weeks Hospital Stay 1 night
Price EUR 3,500

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