Can Liposuction Help Me Lose Weight?

Can Liposuction Help Me Lose Weight?

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  • Fat Removal with Liposuction Method
  • What are the Causes of Fat Removal?
  • How is Classical Liposuction Applied?
  • Is Liposuction Method Harmful?
  • How Is The Recovery Period After Liposuction?
  • How many liters of fat are removed at a time with liposuction? Can the liposuction method be done again?
  • In Which Situations Is Liposuction Needed?
  • In which situations does liposuction not work?
  • Does Liposuction Cause Pain?
  • How many kilos lose the fat taken with liposuction? Can Liposuction Help Me Lose Weight?
  • Can Liposuction Help Me Lose Weight?

The liposuction method is the removal of regional lubrication of people who do not have weight problems but want to lose weight locally. In the liposuction method, the excess fat tissue is removed from the body. The body is shaped by the liposuction method. It is one of the aesthetic operations also known as fat removal method. It is especially applied in stubborn regional lubrication such as waist, abdomen, hip, hip and knee. In the liposuction method, vacuuming method is applied by creating 1-2 millimeter incisions on the fat tissues, and the process is performed in the form of removing the fat.

Before having liposuction, it is important for people to be examined by a specialist doctor and to get the opinion of a specialist doctor. Liposuction is not a weight loss method. The liposuction method is a method that provides regional slimming and shaping the body. If there is a general obesity or weight problem other than regional fat, these people should first of all get rid of their excess weight by applying a diet program and doing sports. Then, liposuction method can be applied for regional fats. However, liposuction method is applied to people with good general health problems. However, it is not applied to people who have just given birth or are pregnant. People with a chronic disease such as diabetes and heart disease should be tested before liposuction is performed, and risk factors should be determined for these people and necessary precautions should be taken. However, liposuction is not applied to elderly patients.Invest in your health, invest in a brighter future. Our comprehensive medical programs deliver real results, while you indulge in the beauty and serenity of our destination.

In which cases the liposuction method does not work. After the liposuction method is done, this method does not prevent weight gain. Therefore, it is important to eat healthy, pay attention to weight and do regular sports in the liposuction method. After the liposuction application, people should determine their lifestyle accordingly. If you gain and lose weight frequently after liposuction, it is not possible for liposuction to be successful. However, if the person has sagging skin along with regional excesses and lubrication, the liposuction method alone is not enough. In particular, sagging of the abdominal wall occurs in women who have given birth. These sagging cannot be resolved with liposuction. In addition, other treatment methods should be applied. In addition, liposuction method is a method that is generally applied in combination with other methods to provide relief.We offer advanced expertise, tailored treatment plans, and compassionate care, every step of the way. Choose us, and choose a future where health isn’t just a destination, but a vibrant, empowered journey you take with trusted companions by your side.

Can Liposuction Help Me Lose Weight?

Fat Removal with Liposuction Method

First of all, liposuction method is not a weight loss process. It is a procedure in which the fat is removed only in the regions where there is regional lubrication. However, the liposuction method is a useful method after losing weight. For this, it is possible for women who want to have liposuction to get rid of their excess weight first and then to have a fit appearance by having liposuction. It is not a suitable method for those who gain and lose weight frequently. Because after the liposuction method is done, it is necessary to maintain the appropriate weight, eat healthy and do sports. Therefore, it is not an adequate method alone for people who gain and lose weight frequently, who have regional excesses after birth and with aging, and who have sagging. The liposuction method does not completely get rid of cellulite, but it reduces the appearance of cellulite.
In addition, the Liposuction method is a method that can be applied to both men and women. Areas where the application is frequently made; Breast, hips, thighs, inner and outer lateral abdomen and waist circumference, belly, neck, upper arm and knees are facing each other in men and women.

What are the Causes of Fat Removal?

Fats that cause deformity in the body and accumulate locally in certain places. In particular, the appearance of a bagel-like appearance near the waist, the accumulation of fat on the sides of the hips, and the accumulation of fat in my belly area.
Liposuction is also used to treat the discomfort that occurs in the form of breast enlargement in men.

Liposuction method is used to shape the area after breast reduction, tummy tuck and neck lift surgery. By applying liposuction to these areas, the body is formed and shaped. With the liposuction method, both the patient and the doctor decide together on the area to be fat removed. However, the parts that are not generally preferred with the liposuction method are the parts of the butt and legs below the knee.

How is Classical Liposuction Applied?

How is the classical liposuction application performed? In the classical liposuction application, incisions between 3 and 5 millimeters are opened. Thus, a solution is injected into the adipose tissue through the opened incision. Fats break down and take the form of liquid. Then, liquid oils are taken by vacuum. Incision scars are opened from invisible places.

Is Liposuction Method Harmful?

The liposuction method can normally be performed on anyone with a good general health condition. It is a viable method if the person does not have a serious illness such as hypertension, heart or diabetes. Complications after liposuction:
Superficial never disappears, it appears, it’s usually a temporary condition
Ondulation and thickening of the skin surface occur. It is a rare complication.
Skin loss is rare, occurs due to the study of the vessels 7 usually occurs in patients who smoke
Loosening of the skin and inability to feel itself adequately is a condition that occurs especially in women who have given birth and in women in the postmenopausal period.

How Is The Recovery Period After Liposuction?

After the liposuction application, specially produced corsets are worn. It is recommended to use corsets between 4 and 8 weeks after the application. The duration of use varies for each person. It is normal for bruising, swelling and edema to occur. These disappear over time. One week after the liposuction procedure, the stitches are removed and if there is no problem in the general health of the patient, he can return to his normal life and business life after 3 weeks. However, normal sports exercises can be performed 4 weeks after liposuction.

How many liters of fat are removed at a time with liposuction? Can the liposuction method be done again?

Whether the application is repeated or not varies according to each patient. In liposuction application, the maximum amount of fat taken is 4-5 liters without disturbing the patient’s body functions and balance. However, more fat can be obtained by giving more blood and fluid, but the surgeon’s decision is important here. Depending on the width of the area where the liposuction method will be applied, liposuction surgery can be performed again at intervals of 3 months or 6 months.

In Which Situations Is Liposuction Needed?

Liposuction is the surgical removal of regional fat accumulated in the body. In non-standard situations such as pregnancy and constant weight gain, the result of the application cannot be expected to be permanent by itself. Because, conditions such as skin sagging and cellulite that occur after pregnancy and childbirth are not disorders that can be eliminated by liposuction. Although liposuction does not completely eliminate the formation of cellulite, its application to the area close to the skin surface provides a relatively flat skin appearance. In addition, skin sagging that occurs in people who constantly gain and lose weight are body damages that cannot be removed by liposuction. If liposuction will be applied to people with this type of body structure, tummy tuck and sagging skin removal operations should also be performed as additional methods. In order to preserve the aesthetic appearance obtained in the long term, it is essential for the person to regulate his eating habits and include exercise in his life without neglecting it. With the emergence of different types of liposuction, it is observed that the areas of use also develop. Body contouring includes different types such as tightening the skin and removing the sebaceous glands. Sound and laser assisted applications give better results in sensitive body areas where skin smoothing and fat absorption are needed simultaneously. Wrists and ankles, inner knees and neck areas are the best examples of this type of application.

In which situations does liposuction not work?

It should not be forgotten that having this application does not mean that you will not gain weight again. In order not to gain weight again, it is very important to give importance to lifestyle, diet and exercise after the operation. If there is frequent weight gain and loss, the application will not be very successful.
If there are skin sagging in addition to regional excess fat, the existing sagging cannot be recovered with this method. Abdominal wall sagging seen in women who have given birth cannot be removed by liposuction. In addition, this application does not provide to get rid of cellulite.

Does Liposuction Cause Pain?

In liposuction, only small incisions such as 4 millimeters are applied to the body. These incisions need to be made to reach the fat layer under the skin. There may be mild pain after the application. However, the cause of this pain is not the incision applied to the body, but the removal of the fat layer. This pain, which can be controlled with the use of painkillers, does not affect the daily life of the patients. Because immediately after the application, a very strong painkiller is given to the patient. Since general anesthesia is applied during the procedure, it is not possible to feel any pain or pain.
As a result, the pain experienced after the liposuction procedure is not so strong that it forces the body of the person and even puts his daily life into trouble. Painkillers can often provide complete relief from this pain that the person feels. The issue of pain after liposuction brings many people to stay away from this procedure. However, liposuction, which is performed by applying extremely small incisions, does not cause unbearable pain as it is thought. You do not need to stay away from liposuction for fear of pain.

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How many kilos lose the fat taken with liposuction? Can Liposuction Help Me Lose Weight?

It is one of the most asked questions. Along with the developing technology opportunities, surgical aesthetic methods are also developing day by day. It is difficult to get rid of stubborn fat accumulated in the body. Exercising and dieting are sometimes not enough to get rid of body fat. In such cases, we recommend vaser liposuction, one of the fat removal applications. In this process, regional thinning is achieved by removing the fat cells under the skin. But it is worth mentioning at the beginning that Vaser Liposuction is not a slimming technique, but a method of getting rid of regional fat. With this painless and painless process, the person gets rid of the fat that he cannot get rid of with exercises. Fat removal is not a weight loss method, but some weight is lost. Although the weight lost with liposuction is related to the amount of fat taken, it seems that more weight has been lost in terms of appearance, while the loss in the scale may be less.

Can Liposuction Help Me Lose Weight?

The number of fat cells in the body is certain. Obesity is not caused by an increase in the number of these cells, but by an increase in volume and an increase in the amount of fat in these cells. Most of the fat cells in the area where liposuction is applied are removed. Liposuction is not a weight loss method. With liposuction, regional excess fat is removed and a contour is given to the body. Adipose tissue is light and the fat taken is taken with some other tissue and blood. The amount of oil taken is determined by the liter amount of oil taken as liquid. For this reason, it can correspond to 1/3 of the weight of the volumetric oil material filling one liter. However, weight loss is possible with this ratio. The biggest effect seen with liposuction is a shaped body. Fat cells that remain in the state of gaining weight again expand, but never return to their original state. In other words, less lubrication is seen from the same areas, unlike other areas of the body. However, even if a few fat cells remain in these areas, these cells can store fat and create an irregular appearance with uneven enlargement in case of weight gain. So the answer for the question Can Liposuction Help Me Lose Weight? Is that it can help you lose weight but it won’t be the actual solution.

Liposuction in Turkey

Treatment Summary

Operation Number1 sessionTime to return to workAfter the operation
Operation Time
1- 4 hours
Recovery4-7 days
AnesthesiaLocal anesthesiaPersistence of ResultsPermanent
Sensitivity TimeOnly in operation timeHospital Stay1 night
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