Best Hair Transplant Turkey

Best Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair transplantation is the most natural and permanent method for people who experience hair loss to gain new hair. In hair transplantation procedure performed by transplanting the patient’s own healthy hair to the shed areas. Also, hair transplantation is the most common aesthetic operation for men. As the biggest reason why patients from most countries prefer Turkey for hair transplantation is hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer high-quality procedures at very affordable prices, and the country provides significant cost savings, especially in hair transplant procedures. In fact, most men who complain about the appearance of their hair prefer celebrity hair transplantation, such as Elon Musk and David Beckham. Like world-famous people, you can achieve the look you want easily and safely thanks to hair transplantation.

If you are complaining about the appearance of your hair like David Beckham and want to gain a more charismatic look, a hair transplant is an appropriate procedure for you.

We have a 3-day Hair Transplant Package Program for our visitors to Medical Center Turkey who prefer a hair transplant in Turkey. On your first day of a 3-day visit to Turkey, first of all, the MCT gentil organisateur (G.O) will meet you from the airport, and afterward, you will go to the hospital together for the COVID test. After the COVID test, the MCT G.O will take you to your hotel and let you relax and rest. G.O will pick you up from your hotel in the morning and assist you in going to the hospital for hair transplantation, as the hair transplant procedures will begin the next day.

Detailed information about the applications in the hospital in hair transplantation procedures:

After rest, the next day, the MCT G.O will pick you up from your hotel for your hair transplantation and mesotherapy to the hospital. When you arrive at the hospital, you first determine the most suitable hair transplant operation for you under the consultation of your doctor. After determining the most suitable procedure for you with your doctor, you will be given a blood test. For the Hair Transplant procedure, local anesthesia is applied with a needless device. Afterward, tissue-friendly low-speed micromotors are applied, so that more than one root is taken without any damage for those who are taken and those next to them. Patented special tissue and organ transplant solution is applied by your specialist to ensure the survival of the follicles until transplantation. Also, the grafts continue to be nourished as if they are still on the head, which maximizes the number of new hair growth.

A special gold needle pen is used for the operation that allows the creation of channels and implantation with a single pen. The other stage is the patented mesotherapy multivitamin complex with ozone steam. This procedure is applied immediately after the operation while the patient is in the operating room. Then, Patented Gold Cream is applied to the donor area, which dissolves swelling, stops bleeding, and prevents pain. All of these processes are under the control of doctors for your health and safety.

Estethica med (patented) foam, which is given as a gift by us with the package to moisten the planting area, moisturizes the planting area, facilitates washing, and at the same time facilitates feeding. After these procedures, the MCT G.O will take you to your hotel for you to rest. Our team will always be with you in these procedures. You to rest at your hotel, as the hair transplant will continue and the final procedures will be carried out the next day G.O will accompany you to your hotel.

On your 3rd day in Turkey, hair washing and laser treatment will be done in the morning. Hair laser treatment is applied after the first wash, which protects the angle and prevents it from being damaged by polluted air. After the process is completed, if you want you can go shopping by yourself to visit the most important historical structures and artifacts in Istanbul. If you wish, you will be able to shop at the Grand Bazaar and see other historical buildings. You can also try the delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine.

Your hair transplant procedures are thus completed and after your 3rd day in Turkey, the MCT G.O will take you to the airport in the evening. We send you to your country, making sure you have no problems and are satisfied.

We share with you the experiences of our patients who preferred Medical Center Turkey and shared their experiences with us:

According to the experiences of our visitors who previously preferred Medical Center Turkey, they stated that they thought the hair transplant process was a difficult process, but thanks to MCT G.Os, this process was easier than they expected. They stated that the MCT G.Os welcomed them from the airport and that they were very pleased to accompany them to their hotels and hospitals. They also stated that they did not have any problems during the hair transplantation process, they were very satisfied with the specialist doctor and the hospital who performed the hair transplantation, they had no problems and they were very professional. They added that after the hair transplant procedures were completed, they visited historical buildings in Istanbul, ate Turkish food, and had a lot of fun in the Grand Bazaar. Afterward, they reached the airport safely, accompanied by MCT G.O. They stated that they had an incredible experience and that they were very satisfied with both the hair transplant and their visit to Turkey. In addition, according to the other experiences of our patients who preferred Medical Center Turkey, they stated that the price of the Hair Transplant Package Program was very reasonable compared to the service provided and they said that they would recommend the Hair Transplant Package Program and Turkey for treatment.

The different types of hair transplant techniques: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), and Robotic Hair Transplant.
The benefits and risks of hair transplantation: Potential for restored hair growth, natural-looking results, but also risks like scarring, infection, and unrealistic expectations.
The factors that influence the cost of hair transplants: Technique used, surgeon’s experience, location of the clinic, and the number of grafts needed.
The recovery process after hair transplantation: What to expect in terms of discomfort, swelling, and results over time.

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The Ultimate Hair Transplant in Turkey Summary (Price, Duration Time, Hospitalization)

Operation Number1-6 sessionsTime to return to workAfter the operation
Operation Time
3 hours
Recovery36 hours
AnesthesiaLocal anesthesiaPersistence of ResultsPermanent
Sensitivity TimeOnly in operation timeHospital Stay2 night
PriceEUR 1550