3D Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost in Turkey

3D Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost in Turkey

3D – Rhinoplasty is the aesthetic procedures performed to eliminate the aesthetic problems in the nose. Nasal curvature, nasal arches, nostril asymmetry, nasal tip decrease can be listed. However; It is very important for aesthetic surgeons to explain to the patient the necessary changes in the nose as well as to eliminate the patient’s concern about surgery . Generally, 3D-Rhinoplasty Surgery was very difficult for surgeons and also patients. Thanks to the latest advances in technology, this challenge has been eliminated for both the surgeon and the patient.The patient’s worries can be minimized by removing the face masks before and after the aesthetic operation.

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How to prepare 3D face images before and after the operation?

The technologies provided by the 3D simulation device are used to remove the patient’s 3D face mask. During the examination with priority, high-resolution photographs of the patient are taken from 8 different angles. Then the photos taken with the special software included in the 3D simulation device are scanned. Thus, 3-D images of the patient are extracted. Gold ratio calculations and the aesthetic problems of the nose are corrected according to the wishes of the patient. After that, both pre-aesthetic and aesthetic operation can be obtained from the images can be obtained.

  • Improving the shape and size of the nose: This can involve altering the bridge, tip, nostrils, or overall proportion of the nose.
  • Correcting functional issues: Rhinoplasty can fix deviated septums, which can cause breathing difficulties, and address other structural problems affecting nasal function.
  • Enhancing facial harmony: A well-proportioned nose can balance other facial features and improve overall aesthetics.


How to convert prepared 3D face images to mask?

After deciding on the new shape of the nose, the pre- and post-acquired 3D drawing device images are printed on the 3D printer. Prepared face molds are removed from the printer with a white powder and laser sintering technique. Masks are put in the final stage of color printing. The face masks that are cut and cleaned before and after are made ready by dipping a special solution with hardening feature.


What are the advantages of 3D Mask?

3D Mask allows you to see both the problems in the nose and the changes that will be made during the surgery in 3D. With this mask, the patient can see how he / she will look after the nose aesthetic operation, his worries are eliminated, he / she feels safer and does not have any worries about having a bad surprise. 3D Mask is a very useful application that facilitates the process of nasal aesthetics by both the patient and the surgeon and increases the satisfaction.

3D Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost in Turkey

PROCEDURE 3D Rhinoplasty
ANAESTHETIC General Anaesthetic
LOCATION: Specialised Hospitals
POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS: Breathing problems, swelling, altered sense of smell, nose bleeds.
EXPECTED RESULT: Resizing and reshaping of the nose to better compliment the patient’s appearance.
PRICE: €3200






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