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Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Not happy with the shape or size of your nose or having breathing problems due to the shape of your nose? No need to worry anymore! MCT is here to help you with rhinoplasty (nose job) in Turkey.
Rhinoplasty is medical procedure that reshaping the nose skeleton and soft tissues. The objective for rhinoplasty might be to change the appearance of the nose, improve breathing or both. 
The shape and size of a nose can definitely change the facial expression. Being discontent with the shape or size of nose can cause low confidence and emotional problems. In this way, nose medical procedure is favoured by ladies as well as men and it is one of the most commonly performed treatments worldwide.

Which results are obtained with Rhinoplasty Surgery?

* Change the shape or angle of the tip of your nose.
* Make your nose larger, smaller, wider or narrower.
* Repair a crooked nose.
* Remove a bump in your nose.
* Correct numerous cosmetic issues.
* Help improve your breathing.

Am I a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

People of any age benefits from rhinoplasty. Nose job is one of most populer cosmetic surgery for teenage patients as well, although medical specialists take exceptional consideration while assessing regardless of whether a more youthful patient is prepared for rhinoplasty. Physically, the nose must be completely grown—regularly by around age 14 for young ladies and 16 for young men. More youthful patients likewise need to demonstrate emotional maturity and understanding about the cosmetic surgery process.
For patients of all ages, it is essential to have realistic desires. Rhinoplasty can enable you to improve your current nose, but it can’t deliver “perfection” nor would it be able to give you the nose of another person. A talented, qualified surgeon will explain to you what is possible and help you achieve a nose that looks natural with your unique features.



Open Rhinoplasty Surgery – Advantages

It is performed by opening a small incision from the lower part between the nostrils. Opening of this section provides a wider view of the surgeon. Generally, the procedures performed in the cartilage and bone are the same as the closed technique. Open rhinoplasty technique may be preferred in patients with advanced deformity or history of previous surgery, which we call secondary surgery. The biggest advantage of the open rhinoplasty technique is that it provides the surgeon with a wide range of views and applications. However, according to the closed rhinoplasty technique, nasal tip edema and bruises that are formed will be longer.

Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery – Advantages

In closed nose surgery, the incisions are in the nostrils. Surgical operations performed with closed technique have a lower angle of view in terms of surgery but there is no possibility of a stitch trace from the outside. In addition, the recovery time is relatively shorter than the open rhinoplasty method.


What should be considered after nose surgery?

One of the most important issues to be considered after the operation of nose aesthetics; To be aware of traumas, leaning the shoe laces, such as the head to increase blood pressure in the head and should be avoided.
* In order to protect your nose from trauma and to reduce swelling, it is recommended to raise the head with pillow as much as possible.
* Blood thinners and foods should be avoided.
* Sports should not be done for a while after nose surgery. 10 days of normal activities, 3 weeks of heavy sports should be avoided.
* Care must be taken not to wet the plaster or splints that protect your nose after the operation.
* It is recommended not to wash the head part in the bath after a period of nose aesthetics.
* Trauma should be avoided.
* Do not use goggles after nose surgery until the doctor recommends.
* Regular feeding and regular sleep accelerate the healing process. 
* Hard brushing of the teeth may cause sensation in the nose base.


Successful clinical outcomes require a combination of medical expertise, state of the art technology and  high quality care. MCT provides patients with world-class healthcare services from over 90 countries with its 75 hospitals and 12 clinics in Turkey
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