Tattoo Removal In Turkey Cost

Tattoo Removal In Turkey Cost

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Permanent tattoos, which are made with great desire and appreciation at first, can cause discomfort to people over time. For this reason, people who want to get rid of their permanent tattoos may need the help of experts.

The removal of permanent tattoos from the skin surface was not a possible treatment method until recently. Permanent tattoos, which are desired to be removed due to reasons such as allergic reactions, refusal to work, divorces, can be easily removed from the skin surface thanks to new technologies.

The surgical methods used to remove tattoos have been replaced by lasers today.

The laser beam used for tattoo removal is absorbed by the compounds that give the tattoo color in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue by passing through the epidermis layer of the skin, and these substances are broken down and eliminated by the immune system. Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is one of the technologies that are effective in the widest color spectrum in tattoo removal with laser beams of different colors and wavelengths. If the color of the tattoo is dark, it can be erased more easily, while it is more difficult to erase in light colors. Often tattoos come in more than one color. Different colors in tattoos are created by giving iron, carbon, mercury, cadmium, cobalt, chromium and titanium compounds under the skin. Since black tattoos can absorb all kinds of light, they are the easiest tattoos to get results with any type of tattoo laser. Since dark colors respond to laser treatment like black, easy results are obtained, while yellow, green, etc. Since colors can absorb more specific wavelengths of light, they can be treated more difficult and take longer.

If the tattoo area to be removed is an area with good blood flow and thin skin, such as the face, recovery will be faster after treatment. While this allows to work with higher energy, results can be obtained more easily and in a shorter time. However, results can be obtained by applying longer and more sessions on thick-skinned areas such as the trunk, arms and legs. Although anesthesia is often not required during tattoo removal sessions, local anesthesia may be beneficial when applying to sensitive people. There may be a slight swelling and redness in the application area. Swelling and crusting disappear within a week. The application can be done approximately 4-8 sessions. Between each session should be 4-6 weeks. Earlier sessions are not beneficial. Different epithelial creams should be used after the application. Against any risk between sessions, it is still recommended to use sunscreen.Invest in your health, invest in a brighter future. Our comprehensive medical programs deliver real results, while you indulge in the beauty and serenity of our destination.

Tattoo Removal In Turkey Cost

Planning in Laser Tattoo Removal

The skin tissue with the tattoo or tattoos that the patient wants to be removed is examined. If there is no skin problem that prevents the application, the second stage of planning is started. In the second stage, information is obtained from the patient or the tattoo artist about the type and brand of the paint on which the tattoo is made. If this information is not available, the third stage is started for the test application. If the tattoo ink responds positively to the laser in the applied test session, the planning stage of the sessions, which is the last stage, is passed and the appointment dates are decided together with the patient.

Things to Consider Before Laser Tattoo Removal

  • Solarium or excessive direct sunlight should be avoided before the sessions.
  • Blood thinners and aspirin should not be used at least one day before the session.
  • If the patient is using iron medication, the medication should be terminated 1 week before the session.

How Long Does Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Take?

Tattoo removal with the Q-switch technique, which has been applied more frequently recently, is one of the techniques that gives results in a short time. The treatment process, which is usually done in the range of 2-6 sessions, takes up to 8 weeks in total. The number of sessions may vary depending on the width of the tattoo to be removed. As the size of the tattoo increases, the session also increases. Other factors affecting the treatment process include; tattoo color, depth, whether it is old or new.

How Many Sessions Does Laser Removal of Tattoos Require?

With the development of technology, many techniques are applied for tattoo removal today. The number of sessions of the wiping process applied with the Q-switch technique is between 2-6. The treatment time, which varies from 10 minutes to 1 hour, is determined according to the tattoo. In many tattoos, it is possible to see the effects after the first 2 treatments. If you want to get rid of your tattoos in a short time, you can have the Q-switch technique done.

What the Patient Should Consider After Laser Tattoo Removal

After the session, an ice compress is applied to the area. After laser tattoo removal sessions, temporary skin crusting, slight bleeding and blistering may occur for 5-15 days. These complaints are eliminated by using epithelial creams between sessions. After the sessions, the tattoo area should be kept away from water and moisture for two days. If the tattoo area is in an area exposed to direct sunlight, a protective cream must be used. Tattoo removal prices in Ankara may vary according to the price policy of the processing center. Laser tattoo removal should be done under the supervision of a doctor with the help of medical lasers in the clinical settings of hospitals.

Which Tattoos Are Easily Removed with lazer?

  • Tattoos on white skin
  • Light and tanned skin
  • Tattoos less than a year old
  • Dark tattoos, especially those with dark blue, black and navy colors. These colors easily absorb laser beams.
  • Tattoos embroidered on the upper part of the skin
  • Success of laser permanent tattoo removal
  • The color of the tattoo and skin,
  • The type of dyes used,
  • The application depth, intensity and application method of the tattoo,
  • age of tattoo,
  • Used laser system etc. varies greatly depending on the circumstances.

Can Any Color Tattoo Be Removed With Laser?

More than one color can be used in tattoo processes that can be applied to every part of the body. One wonders if every color can be erased when it’s time to remove the tattoo. The color that can be easily erased with the laser technique is black. In addition to dark colors, light colors such as green, yellow, pink and blue can also be erased. Although it is more difficult to erase light colors, the erasing process is done. It is applied by determining the wavelength suitable for the color of the tattoo.

Is There Any Scar After Laser Tattoo Removal?

When you get tired of permanent tattoos, you may want to have them removed. The method of wiping with the Q-switch technique applied today is one of the safest methods. After laser tattoo removal, there are no scars or stains in the applied area. Slight shadows may appear after wiping. As time passes, these shadows open up and the trace is not clear. The person who will have the tattoo removed should not have a medical history to avoid scarring.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal a Painful Procedure?

Techniques applied for tattoo removal have developed today. There is no pain in the procedure performed with the laser technique. Since the application is performed under local anesthesia, the area becomes numb. With the laser light, the tattoo inks in the area are divided into pieces and expelled with the cells. There is no need for individuals to panic as there is no incision or interventional procedure during the procedure. Tattoo removal performed by dermatologists who are experts in the field can be done safely.

Is It Possible To Remove Permanent Makeup With Tattoo Laser?

Permanent make-up is one of the most common procedures performed by women today. Those who are tired of permanent make-up may want to remove it after a while. It is also possible to get rid of permanent makeup with the laser technique applied in tattoo removal. If you have permanent make-up on your face, you can get rid of it in a short time by taking advantage of laser application.

What are the Side Effects of Laser Tattoo Removal?

Mild side effects may occur as a result of tattoo removal using laser technique. Among these side effects; redness, slight darkening or lightening of the skin tone, slight burning. Since all these are side effects of laser light, they heal spontaneously in a short time. Since it does not cause any permanent side effects, you can have tattoo removal with peace of mind.

Tattoo Removal In Turkey Cost

One of the most asked question is what is the Tattoo Removal In Turkey Cost. Prices for tattoo removal with laser method have a wide range. Prices vary according to the type of tattoo, color, area on the body, skin type, number of tattoos and depth. In laser erasing, the price increases according to the number of sessions. As the number of sessions and tattoo size increase, the price also increases. You can get rid of your tattoos at an affordable price with the Q-switch technique, which helps to remove permanently without trace.

Treatment Cost Calculator

Are all tattoos completely removed by laser?

Not all tattoos can be said to be completely removed by laser. It varies depending on the color of the tattoo, whether it is an amateur or not, and the paint or ink used. For example, yellow and white tattoos may not give good results with laser treatment. Sometimes pigmentations may be experienced for a while after the procedure. This pigmentation (spotting) usually goes away over time.

I got a new tattoo, I didn’t like it, I regretted it. Can I remove it now?

Laser tattoo removal can be done at the end of the first week from the day it is done.

Tattoo Removal In Turkey Cost Summary (Price, Duration Time, Hospitalization)

Operation Number 4-8 Time to return to work after opearation
Operation Time 10-40 minutes Recovery 10 days
Anaesthesia none or local Persistence of Results Permanent
Sensitivity Time 4 days Hospital Stay
Price EUR 1,100


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