Online Doctor Consultation

Find best Doctors from Turkey to get instant medical advice,
and second opinion for your health problems.

Online Doctor Consultation

Online doctor consultation provides great advantages for our patients and enables them to meet with our doctors in detail before coming to our hospitals. It also help to patients in crisis achieve better health outcomes via timely & informed advice.Our leading, board-certified physicians provide provisional diagnosis, treatment and follow-up recommendations for most health issues – the common ones to the complex cases which may require second opinions, multi-specialty consultations.

How does online doctor consultation works?

  • We ensure that our patients, who are not physically able to reach our hospitals, are able to have a video call to see the opinions of our doctors.
  • As physical examination can not be performed, our doctors would not able to provide prescriptions. According to the results of the consultation, the doctors would only make suggestions and express their opinions.
  • The process will proceed through whatsapp and facetime applications.
  • The fee determined for the project should be deposited before the consultation.
  • The fee will be collected from our patients by EFT method to the account numbers that we will inform at the time of application.
  • We will request our patients to deliver their report and analysis results 24 hours before their appointment.
  • There will be control period of 15 days for each patient.

Worry-free Online Doctor Consultation

Select the type of category you would like to consult with the doctor.

What’s troubling you?

Type in your concern and attach prescription, lab reports if any. Help doctor understand your case better.

Connect with the doctor

A doctor is auto-assigned to you that best matches your concern. You will get a diagnosis and treatment for your condition.

Follow up with your doctor

Still, need more clarity? You can follow up with the doctor even after your chat window closes.