Hair Transplant Cost – Medical Center Turkey

Hair Transplant Cost – Medical Center Turkey

Hair transplantation cost generally varies according to all hair transplantation centers, and hair transplantation center insistently seeks out hair transplantation prices, no hair transplantation center by writing clearly trying to implement a different price policy for everyone. All hair transplantation centers prices on overall price average although different in Turkey. The most important factor in the change of hair transplantation prices is related to the services given after hair transplantation.
Plantation in overall prices in Turkey are calculated as follows. Firstly, base price is created for hair transplantation. This base price varies according to employees – experience – materials – drugs – clinics – advertising. Hair transplantation can be found in centers that can plant hair at the base price, but this cheap hair transplantation is not long-lasting, but it causes people to change the price of hair transplantation.

Istanbul Hair Transplantation Prices

Istanbul hair transplantation prices have been added to many things. More hair transplantation pricing may vary widely, other factors are hair transplantation center, hair transplantation treatment. Naturally, it is very difficult to find a standard price average for hair transplantation in Istanbul.
Istanbul has become the central paradise of hair transplantation and it is the first city in the world where hair transplantation prices are the most economical.
Every day thousands of people in Istanbul have hair transplantation. In addition, the prices in hair transplantation are never expensive because the treatments and treatments are lifelong.

As Hair Average Prices in Turkey are calculated as follows

1 graft 1 hair root = 25 cent
Considering that 3000 – 4000 grafts are made in a single session hair transplantation occurs between $1000 – $ 2000.
However, as a hair transplantation center, MCT never makes a price calculation on the graft in hair transplantation prices. Drugs, medical materials, creams and shampoos, which should be used after hair transplantation, are fully serviced together. Moreover, all hair transplantation in 2 sessions of hair prp treatment is free.
Hair Care Prices and Services provided by MCT are as follows;
* Maximum hair transplantation in a single session,
* All care materials after hair transplantation,
* Medications that need to be used after hair transplantation, etc.
* At least 2 sessions of hair prp treatments after hair transplantation,
All of these services to benefit everyone from $ 999 . In this way, we offer the best price for hair transplantation based on the number of roots. We are trying to offer the best price and the best price for everyone who buys from us. You will never experience extra charges or surprises.


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