Facelift Surgery in Turkey

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Facelift Surgery in Turkey

Facelift surgery is  one of the most widely recognized restorative surgeries today. Consistently many people undergo face lift medical procedure in Turkey. The primary goal for this medical procedure is to make your facial skin smooth and young looking.
The present basic factors that contribute to skin aging are sun damage, stress, lack of time to rest and polluted environment, and they can vastly aggravate to have an old-looking face. However, Cosmetic Clinics & Hospitals can help you to revitalize your face over into more younger and more attractive looking. We have the best and most advanced technology, and best specialists that are well trained to help you to feel better and look great.



The best candidates for a Face Lift procedure:

Wish to improve one or more of the signs of aging indicated above
People with good facial skin elasticity
Wanting to improve the appearance of their face and neck
Are healthy
Try not to smoke
Have sensible desires
Are thinking about a facelift for personal reasons, not because that another person is pressuring them to do



Types of Facelifts


Patients who show a gentle level of jowling and saggin skin are regularly great candidates fora mini-facelift. This is a less obtrusive method that enables a corrective specialist to fix profound facial tissues through shorter incisions, typically located along the hairline above each ear and/or in the natural creases surrounding the ear. Through these entry points, basic tissues around the cheeks are lifted and fixed to address jowling, refine the facial structure, and restore a “drained” appearance.
It depends on case, a little facelift might be performed local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia; your cosmetic specialist will prescribe the best choice for your individual needs.A mini-facelift can enable you to address unwelcome signs of aging before they become too pronounced, postponing the need for more extensive surgery for many years.

Standard Facelift

A standard or “conventional” facelift will more completely address moderate to cutting edge maturing around the mid-face and neck. While the medical procedure is more extensive than those for a mini-facelift, and in this manner more recovery time is required as well as the outcomes are progressively dramatic. Through entry points found simply behind the hairline, starting close to the temples, and around the front of the ear, covered up in the natural folds, a cosmetic specialist can reposition the deeper tissues beneath the skin and remove excess skin to smooth creases, eliminate jowling and sagging skin under the chin, and restore a naturally younger contour to the face and neck.

What should be considered after facelift surgery?

After facelift medical procedure the patient is informed to take a great deal regarding rest obviously with head elevated than the rest of the body. Bruising , swelling and pain is ordinarily felt after medical procedure so the patient should take pain medications as requested by the doctor. The patient must quit drinking alchol and smoking during the period. Much the same as some other careful operations and like total face lift procedure, mid face lift can likewise have the possibility of delivering complications. Complications include bleeding under the skin, prominent red scars, hair loss surrounding the scars, asymmetrical features, nerve damage, infection, numbness, and blood clotting. However,total facelift is an extremely normal medical procedure and complications can happen rarely.


Successful clinical outcomes require a combination of medical expertise, state of the art technology and  high quality care. MCT provides patients with world-class healthcare services from over 90 countries with its 75 hospitals and 12 clinics in Turkey
Exclusive facelift surgery packages including accommodation in comfortable hotels nearby our hospitals  and clinics as well as airport transfers are specially prepared for our international patients




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