Breast Enlargement in Turkey

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Breast Enlargement in Turkey

Would you like to get bigger and firmer boobs? When it comes to choosing a cosmetic clinic and plastic surgery hospital, the MCT will take care of you – flights, accomodation, surgery, healing process and paradise.
Generally, known as the ‘Boob Job’; Breast Augmentation/Breast Enhancement/Breast Enlargement Surgery or Breast Implants are the terms used to explain incrreasing the size and additionally changing the shape of the female breast. A surgery where silicone or saline inserts are inserted behind the bosom tissue or underneath the chest muscle. With the two procedures, the implant is behind the milk conduits so future breast feeding isn’t affected.
Boob job is commonly used for two reasons:
– cosmetic: To enhance the size, shape, and symmetry of the breasts.

 reconstructive: To reconstruct the breasts generally after breast cancer surgery.

Most Popular Reasons Why Women Get Breast Implants

* You might be unhappy about the size or shape of your bosoms.
* Your breast might be uneven in size (asymmetrical).
* Your breast may have changed in appearance, for instance, after having children.
* You may need reconstructive breast medical procedure, for instance, subsequent to having after having a Mastectomy (where one or both breasts are surgically removed).

Most breast implant procedures are carried out to:

* Make the breasts larger, make the breasts firmer – with age, breast shape changes and the breasts gradually begin to droop (ptosis).
* Even out breasts of unequal sizes or irregular breasts.
* Reconstruct a breast after a mastectomy.


Breast Enlargement Treatment Options

Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants are filled with sterile salt water. Should the implant shell leak, a saline implant will collapse and the saline will be absorbed and naturally expelled by the body.
Advantages of saline implants include:
A long history of safe use.
A soft texture and a natural feel.
As the saline solution is similar to your body fluids, it can be safely absorbed and excreted by the body if the implant ruptures (splits).

Slicone filled breast implants

Silicone filled breast implants are filled with soft, elastic gel, silicone breast implants are pre-filled and may need a longer cut to be placed.
Advantages of silicone gel implants include:
A long history of safe use.
Less likely to wrinkle than other types of implant.
Available in round or tear-drop / breast-shaped (anatomical) shapes.
A very soft and pliable (supple) implant filler, allowing for movement and gives a natural feel.
Some types of silicone gel have a textured surface, which may decrease the chances of causing problems, such as hardening.

How Breast Enlargement is Performed

Breast enlargement surgery approximately takes about 2 hours. General anesthesia is used to make patients fall asleep and allow a surgeon to work more easily during an operation which is always in the hands of anesthesiologists.
-A doctor incises a wound to insert breast implants and then stitch it
-The use of special garments may be essential
-In some cases, a surgeon might use a drain tube to lessen bruises and swollen which can be removed a day after the operation


Successful clinical outcomes require a combination of medical expertise, state of the art technology and  high quality care. MCT provides patients with world-class healthcare services from over 90 countries with its 75 hospitals and 12 clinics in Turkey
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