10 Most Popular Aesthetic Operations In Turkey

10 Most Popular Aesthetic Operations In Turkey

10 Most Popular Aesthetic Operations In Turkey is an article that aims to give you all the information you do not know about 10 Most Popular Aesthetic Operations In Turkey and more. We kindly shared the main headings with you;

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast Reduction
  • Liposuction
  • Breast Agumentation
  • Blepheroplasty
  • Abdominalplasti
  • Otoplasty
  • Bichectomy
  • Butt Shaping
  • Bella Eyes

Aesthetic Surgery is a subsidiary of Plastic Surgery and is also called “Cosmetic Surgery”. Although Plastic Surgery also has a function such as rejuvenating body parts and tissues that have lost their functionality, Aesthetic Surgery focuses a little more on the cosmetic side of the job and aims to retouch the bad-looking areas. Therefore, those who aim to make any part of their body look better should apply to Aesthetic Surgery methods and specialists.

However, there is an important detail that should be noted here. Aesthetic surgeries are usually performed on healthy people and body parts that are considered medically normal. In other words, they are not compulsory surgeries for health. Therefore, the effect of mishaps that may occur later may be more distressing than other compulsory surgeries.

These are the 10 most popular aesthetic operations in Turkey:


What is Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)?

Nose Aesthetics is an aesthetic operation applied for folks that want to alter their nose shape. If you’re not satisfied along with your nose, you’ll have a nose that appears better aesthetically with this surgery. This surgery, which is within the category of aesthetic surgery, may be performed by anyone, irrespective of woman or man. It’s a really preferred procedure today. It produces successful leads to many folks and makes people satisfied.

10 Most Popular Aesthetic Operations In Turkey

After deciding whether people are suitable for the operation, the procedure are often performed. During this context; Rhinoplasty provides a more aesthetic appearance.Invest in your health, invest in a brighter future. Our comprehensive medical programs deliver real results, while you indulge in the beauty and serenity of our destination.

How is Nose Aesthetics Performed?

Rhinoplasty is an operation that’s usually performed under anaesthesia. Although rare, it may be done under anaesthesia. Doctors decide which method to use. There are different methods, open and closed. Within the open method, it’s possible to figure more comfortably and effectively. In closed surgery, the procedure is performed by entering through the nostrils without opening the nose. Although it’s comfortable, it’s not a preferred method for serious interventions. The acceptable method is preferred in step with what reasonably nose you wish to possess after the examination.


What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction; it’s done to eliminate the discomfort felt thanks to the actual fact that the breasts are larger than normal. This operation is performed for the aim of removing the fat and a part of the skin that offers fullness to the breasts and to confirm the proportion of the breasts with the body, that is, their harmony.

Thanks to the advanced breast size and weight, it causes problems like bending the body forward, back and spine pain, bone deformations, rash or wounds under the breast, not having the ability to seek out suitable clothes for height and weight.

Breast Reduction Aesthetics

Breast is incredibly important for a girl to feel self-confident. many ladies find it difficult to search out underwear thanks to their breast size. Wearing tight bras to do to collect the breasts can cause permanent marks and dimples on the shoulders. the scale of your breast tissue can cause you to look heavier than you’re. Do sports etc. It can affect many of your social activities. Your large breasts may cause some deformations in your body. Some of those;

  • Bra hook trace on your shoulders due to the tightening of the bra to gather the breast
  • Due to the size of the breast, bending forward in the shoulders, bending in the neck occur and serious back pain occurs.
  • In summer, especially under the breast, first redness and then diaper rash and fungal infections
  • If you have symptoms such as numbness in the arms, you may be an ideal candidate for this surgery.

The most common factor in the formation of breast size is genetics. In addition, the problems in your large breasts may increase after frequent weight gain and loss, childbirth and breastfeeding.


Fat removal surgery, known as “lipoplasty” or more generally “liposuction”, is the procedure of removing fat from targeted areas, thinning these areas and reshaping your body.

Fat removal surgery can be performed to remove excess fat from many parts of your body such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, inner knees, chest, cheeks, chin, calves and wrists. It can also be applied simultaneously with reshaping operations such as a tummy tuck or face lift to further improve the results.

10 Most Popular Aesthetic Operations In Turkey

In which areas can liposuction be applied?

As we mentioned above, liposuction, that is, fat removal, can be applied to every part of the body.

  • Jowl liposuction to the neck area to thin the jowl area,
  • Arm liposuction for arm slimming
  • Shaping the abdomen, thinning the sides (love handle liposuction)
  • Back liposuction to remove excess back
  • Liposuction application areas on legs;
  • hip liposuction, inner thighs, inner knee, anterior leg liposuction areas.

Although lower leg liposuction, wrist thinning is not suitable for everyone, your doctor can apply it if he or she deems it appropriate.


One of the foremost important organs symbolizing femininity is that the breast. Naturally, every woman wants to possess aesthetically beautiful looking breasts. However, as a results of unilateral or bilateral growth retardation of the breasts, or weight loss after birth, the breasts may shrink or sag a bit. In such cases, it’s possible to make a fuller, larger, aesthetically more beautiful breast with attempts to enlarge and plump the breast.This augmentation can be done most easily with silicone breast prostheses.

The rate of enlargement is determined together with the patient, taking into account the desire of the person, the condition of the existing breasts, the elasticity of the breast skin and the dimensions of the rib cage. However, the exact size is determined during the surgery. The most important issue here is that a larger prosthesis should not be placed than the breast skin can accommodate. In this, impression prostheses are used during surgery.

Sufficient lift may not be achieved when prosthesis placement surgery is applied to breasts that have lost their fullness, loosened and severely sagging. In this case, breast lift can also be performed by removing excess skin from suitable places and raising the nipple to a higher level than it should be. In this application, there will be more scars than just a breast prosthesis.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breasts are enlarged with a silicone gel breast prosthesis placed behind the breast tissue. Patients who apply for breast augmentation surgery often have difficulty describing the breast size they want to achieve. They often say the bra size they want (like 85, 90).

However, various brands of bras can be of different sizes. In addition, since measurements such as 85 or 90 are related to the diameter of the patient’s chest, the bra number will not change, but the sizes expressed by the letters A, B, C, D, called “cup size” will change. The letter A denotes the smallest breast size. For this reason, the expectation of the patient should be determined very well before the operation, besides, different sizes and reasons (for example, breasts that have been very small since early ages may not be possible to enlarge too much in an operation because the skin has a certain ability to stretch, this tolerance is too difficult, complications-suturing) opening, capsule contracture, etc.) should be examined.


What are droopy eyelids?

Droopy eyelid, with its medical name ptosis, describes a condition where the eyelid is lower than normal and the eye becomes squinted. It can be unilateral or bilateral and can be seen at any age, but its incidence increases with advanced age.

10 Most Popular Aesthetic Operations In Turkey

How is upper eyelid aesthetics performed?

If only upper eyelid aesthetics will be performed, the procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia. Upper eyelid surgery time does not exceed 1 hour. The amount of skin and muscle to be removed is decided by the drawing made while the patient is sitting.

Removing the skin and muscle, which is usually done in a way that will be hidden in the fold line of the lid in appropriate sizes, provides sufficient tension on the eyelid. However, in some cases, the fat pads present in the inner and middle parts may be very prominent. For this reason, a very small amount of their reduction is done surgically.

On the eyelid, right above the eyelashes, we have a cartilage tissue called ‘tars’. The fold is formed from this tissue. A drawing is taken from this fold. Afterwards, another line is drawn parallel to the crow’s feet that occur when we laugh, in order to get the abundances in the rest of the eye. The incision in the lower part is made in this way. Then we extend this line up to a certain point. Here, we remove the skin-rich part to a certain extent, similar to the fish.

What is done in lower eyelid surgery?

With the incision made just below the lower eyelid eyelashes, the lower eyelid skin is lifted together with the muscle. Reduction of fat pads is necessary in some patients.

Generally, the spread of fat packs to the edge of the eye socket helps to correct the depression that occurs under the eye. If the cheek lifting and spreading of the fat pads are not sufficient to remove this depression, the fat injection process is also added. After the skin and muscle abundance is removed, the muscle tissue is suspended on the outer wall of the eye socket. This provides support to the fat pads.

Because lower eyelid aesthetics is usually performed together with mid-face lift surgery, it is performed under general anaesthesia. The duration of the operation varies between 2 and 4 hours depending on the additional interventions to be made.


Abdominoplasty is the general name given to the procedures performed to shape the sagging abdominal skin and the anterior abdominal wall that has lost its aesthetic appearance. While slimming is achieved in the abdomen and waist area with diet and exercise, it is often not possible to remove skin sagging and anterior abdominal wall laxity.

With tummy tuck aesthetics, it is aimed to remove some fat along with excess and sagging abdominal skin. In addition to this, tightening of the anterior abdominal wall is also performed, which helps to slim your waist and achieve a harmonious appearance with your body. With this procedure, it is also possible to get rid of stretch marks on the abdominal skin (usually under the navel).

Tummy Tuck Aesthetics

Before the operation, you will be examined in detail by your doctor. As a result of this examination, you will decide together on the most suitable abdominal aesthetic technique for you. Techniques that can be applied for abdominal aesthetics are as follows:

Full Abdominoplasty: In this procedure, all sagging and cracked tissues under the belly button are completely removed. However, the slack in your anterior abdominal wall is removed from the inside, resulting in thinning of your waist. Your tummy is stretched downwards and your belly button is removed at the same level as your stretched tummy skin.

Full Abdominoplasty with Liposuction: In this technique, in addition to the procedures described above, liposuction is applied simultaneously to the entire abdomen and waist area. In this way, a more refined and natural result is obtained.

Mini Abdominoplasty: This technique is suitable for patients who do not need to be operated on the tissues above the belly button. The tissues under the navel are removed, and the looseness in the anterior abdominal wall under the navel, if any, is tightened from the inside.

In all these techniques, your scars are designed to remain inside your bikini. Scars heal unnoticed most of the time, but it should not be forgotten that genetic structure, nutritional status (especially vit c.), additional diseases or some drugs also have an effect on wound healing.


What is Prominent Ear?

Prominent ear deformity is defined because the indisputable fact that the ears protrude from the pinnacle more perpendicularly than they ought to be, and are particularly prominent when viewed from the front or from the back. This condition, which is seen at a rate of about 5% in different degrees and in different types in the society, can be observed in one or both ears, and although it does not cause any health problems, it can cause significant psychological problems.

Operations performed with the aim of correcting prominent ear deformity, which requires surgical treatment, except for the early newborn period, are called “otoplasty”.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

For single or bilateral otoplasty operations, general anaesthesia is usually preferred in young children, and in older children and adults, the operation is performed using local anaesthesia or sedative drugs (sedation).

 There are many various techniques and approaches defined for otoplasty surgery. A number of these are applied to shape the cartilages by using sutures, a number of them are applied to form weakening on the cartilages to facilitate their shaping and a few of them are applied by removing the cartilages partially. While it’s more preferred to shape the auricle with stitches, especially at early ages when the cartilages are softer, other techniques may have to be employed in later ages.Read more to know about 10 Most Popular Aesthetic Operations In Turkey.

In cases where the matter is caused by the advanced development of the conchal cartilage, some cartilage is sometimes required to be removed.


What is Bichectomy (Bichectomy, Hollywood Cheek)?

Bichectomy is the process of removing inner cheek fat with a small incision of approximately 1 cm from the inside of the cheek. With the removal of this tissue called “Bichat” fat tissue, an aesthetic depression occurs on the cheek. This depression gives you the “Hollywood Cheek” by providing a visible separation between the jawline and cheekbones.

10 Most Popular Aesthetic Operations In Turkey

How is Bichectomy Surgery Performed?

A small incision is made in the inner cheek region of the mouth. Through this small incision, the bichat adipose tissue is reached and removed.Read more to know about 10 Most Popular Aesthetic Operations In Turkey.


Hip (Butt) Shaping Aesthetics

Briefly, it is hip augmentation and shaping surgeries.

These are surgeries applied to make the sagging, flat, shapeless buttocks more prominent and shaped while enlarging the buttocks.

For this purpose, 2 reliable techniques are used. The first is the enlargement of the buttocks with silicone prostheses specially prepared for the hips and the hip augmentation applications using the fat cells collected from the person by liposuction.

Gains with hip aesthetics; more youthful, fit, lively, energetic, sexy, plump and shaped hips. Especially for open and narrow clothing preferences, the waist and hips are thin, and the barbers are attempts to create contours, curves and folds, as well as the volume provided to the hips. The most striking and striking body area among the body folds is the hips. This conspicuous effect is further enhanced by the choice of summer dresses and tight jeans.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liposuction

What is a Brazilian butt?

This application, which has gained popularity with the name of Brazilian butt lift (BBL), is the process of re-giving the fat taken from the patient, for example from the hips, abdomen, back, to the patient in order to gather, tighten and lift the hips and shape them by enlarging. Aesthetic problems of the hips such as asymmetry, sagging, flatness and looseness can be reshaped with the fat tissues given to the butt cheeks, and the desired shape and contour can be achieved. After these procedures, a corset should be worn for 4-6 weeks after the operation, and it is not necessary to sit on the buttocks for 15 days. Read more to know about 10 Most Popular Aesthetic Operations In Turkey.


What exactly is “Bella Eyes”?

One of the most admired faces is undoubtedly Bella Hadid. And her favorite part is her eyes. Raised eyebrows and slanted eyes both make the face look more dynamic and healthy, and make the general stance attractive. For this reason, we took the name from our source of inspiration.10 Most Popular Aesthetic Operations In Turkey

Is it an operation? Clinical procedure?

Bella Eyes is an operation. The most advantageous aspect of this operation, which takes about 1 hour, is that there are no cuts in the visible area on the face. Especially in traditional methods, in techniques aiming only at the almond eye, an incision was made from the outer part of the eye and sometimes this incision would disturb the patients during the recovery period. In this operation, everything stays inside. It is made by entering through the scalp with a ½ cm incision similar to Endoscopic Muscle Lift. Intervention on both muscles and eye structure at the same time.

10 Most Popular Aesthetic Operations In Turkey

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